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Society of Women Engineers

This time, last year with John Oliver

SWE ended up getting 15 percent of its average yearly donations in the three days after John Oliver’s story on SWE during his hit HBO show.

Published On: September 2015

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, Society of Women EngineersIt’s almost been a year since we heard John Oliver’s mention on Last Week Tonight that raised over 50,000 dollars in donations for Society of Women Engineers. September 17th marks the official one-year. Because it was such an amazing experience all around, SWE HQ has plans to open up an entire funding appeal to prompt the same type of donations, here in 2015. Stay tuned for the links on SWE’s Social Media …

And here’s a cool part: Huffington Post, recently wrote about John’s SWE mention this past weekend. Our triumph was one of the show’s ‘Top 10 Wins of 2014’ … it looks like SWE is still on everyone else’s minds as well. Here’s a link: 10 Real-Life Wins For John Oliver’s Longest Segments On ‘Last Week Tonight’.

“The Society Of Women Engineers was one such group Oliver called attention to at the end of his segment, which ended up receiving 15 percent of its average yearly donations in the three days after the show aired.” Source: Huffington Post.


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