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Wow! Innovation Challenge #4

Volunteers are crucial to the success of outreach events. How does your section / MAL manage and attract volunteers for outreach events?

Published On: April 2016

Wow! Innovation Challenge #4 opens April 8 – May 6, 2016
(Please note that submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Central Time. Late submissions will not be accepted.)

Challenge #4 – Volunteers are crucial to the success of outreach events. How does your section / MAL manage and attract volunteers for outreach events? How do you make the experience meaningful and worthwhile for volunteers, from the moment they are recruited until after the event is complete? Please draw on your experiences from past outreach events that can be duplicated by other sections or MALs, and feel free to include any other best practices pertaining to volunteer management.

How to Apply
Submit a video, PowerPoint, or Snapguide with your creative approach to the challenge topic.  The most points will be awarded for video content. Submit all videos with a YouTube link. Supporting media such as event photos and/or agendas are recommended, but not required.

Apply for Wow! Innovation Challenge #4 here.

One section/MAL will be awarded a $500 Outreach stipend, featured on SWE social media, and the SWE All Together blog. The winning resources will also be posted here for use by others. While individuals, sections and MALs are encouraged to apply, all stipend checks will be made out to a section or MAL organization.

How a Winner is Selected
Winning applications will clearly communicate an original, creative approach to the Wow! Innovation Challenge. Solutions should be easily replicated by others.

The Wow! Innovation Challenge recognizes the innovative outreach techniques being used by SWE sections and MALs. Periodically, a section/MAL will be recognized for a unique, creative approach to a component of outreach. SWE will award a $500 outreach stipend to the winning section/MAL and will share the winning entries with the entire society. Click here for FAQs on the WOW! Innovation Challenge.

Congratulations to Past Winners
SWE salutes our members for their innovative efforts. We encourage you to review challenges from past winners as you plan for your next outreach event.

University of Pittsburgh won SWE’s first Wow! Innovation Challenge for their unique, innovative approach to recruiting participants for outreach events.

Georgia Institute of Technology won SWE’s second Wow! Innovation Challenge! Check out their unique and innovative approach to developing & executing outreach programming for parents & educators.

Central Illinois is SWE’s third Wow! Innovation Challenge winner for their unique and innovative approach to partnering with external organizations to host an outreach event.

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