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#GivingTuesday Program Profile: K-12 Outreach

In our final SWE Program Profile before #GivingTuesday, we are excited to share more about our K-12 Outreach programming.

Published On: November 2016

In our final SWE Program Profile before #GivingTuesday, we are excited to share more about our K-12 Outreach programming! Want to support our efforts to increase pathways to engineering for girls? Donate here.


Invent it. Build it. at WE16 in Philadelphia

Historically, K-12 Outreach programming occurs through SWE’s local sections and our large-scale design event, Invent It. Build It. at Annual Conference. Over the last two years, SWE has significantly expanded its scope of work in this area in order to inspire the next generation of female engineers and technologists.

Our work addresses the reality that girls encounter barriers (even in middle and high school) in pursuing education in STEM.

In early 2015, SWE launched SWENext, a free online program that seeks to connect K-12 girls to engineering challenges, experts in the field, and a wide variety of other opportunities. In less than two years, there are already over 4,500 members.

As we grow the program, we are cultivating new experiences to connect our SWENexters to opportunities that will propel there interest and engagement with engineering. For example, this year SWE also received funding from the National Science Foundation to bring 10 SWENexters from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM to Annual Conference.

Thanks to those (listed below) who have donated to the program through FY16. Want to join the list? On #Giving Tuesday on #Giving Tuesday (11/29) login to your SWE Member Account and click Donate to SWE or follow this link here to make your #GivingTuesday gift.

FY16 & FY7 K-12 Outreach Donors:

  • Ali Dusek
  • Allison Miller Alden
  • Ana Allen
  • Andrea Burgess
  • Angela Marie Trigg
  • Angleat D. Shelikoff
  • Ann Wright
  • Anu Narayanan
  • April Nguyen
  • April Rain Hudspeth
  • Barbara Theulen
  • Bonny L. Hadiaris
  • Brenna Nichol Boyd
  • Carrie Carter
  • Catherine Jameson
  • Ceal Craig
  • Cecilie Haarseth
  • Chelsea Michelle Powell
  • Chelsea Sidrane
  • Chelsie Danielle Dundas
  • Christine Yamaguchi
  • Courtney Brooke Watson
  • Crystal Diane Jackson
  • Crystal Pham
  • Cynthia Ramirez
  • Cyrin Anne Vida Geluz
  • Daisy Nkweteyim
  • Daryl L. Farley Varney
  • David Weber
  • Davina Phillips
  • Deborah Guerrette Main
  • Drita Kaculi
  • Earnee Gilling
  • Eden Starbuck
  • Elizabeth Huschke
  • Elizabeth Puglise
  • Elizabeth Stoneham
  • Emily Michele Dixon
  • Emily R. Smith
  • Erina Murakami
  • Evody Tshijik Tshijik Karumb
  • Fabiola Carolina Rosato
  • George R. Brewster
  • Georgia C Karvountzi
  • Geraldine Ragsac
  • Heather Graham
  • Heena Chheda Shah
  • Henria Shante’ Chavis
  • Holly Ost
  • Jacqueline H. Cole
  • Jane L. Driscoll
  • Janice Lebga
  • Jeanina Marie Botis
  • Jeff Kyle Redmon
  • Jennifer O’Gorman
  • Jennifer S. Casta
  • Jessica Makae
  • Jessica Sorio Dos Santos
  • Joanne M. Maguire
  • Jodilyn A. Peck
  • Julie Collings
  • Kate Laura Steuer
  • Katharine Brumbaugh Gamble
  • Katherine J.L. Williams
  • Katherine Lea Eldridge
  • Katherine Michel Frangos
  • Kay V. van der Made
  • Kayleen L. E. Helms
  • Kelly Herbst
  • Kelly Kirstin Swinson
  • Kimberly Janeway
  • Kosiba Halima Oshodi-Glover
  • Kristin P. Sroka
  • Laura Barajas
  • Lauren Hutchinson
  • Lauren Yarborough
  • Learay J. Rayburn-Silvia
  • Leia Elizabeth Guccione
  • Lindsay Gerding
  • Lingshan Jiang
  • Loralee Bilke
  • Lori Ann Brown
  • Lorraine M Herger
  • Lydia Lazurenko
  • M. Rose Kilpatrick
  • Makenzie Parimuha
  • Marcelline Noellle Bopda-De-Moukoko
  • Margaret Ann Wong
  • Margaret Romeo
  • Margery Kanemoto
  • Maria L. Magana
  • Marlys Pilarski
  • Mary-Helen Douglas
  • May C. Kung
  • Melissa Alice Calderon
  • Melissa Butcher
  • Melissa N Coats
  • Michaela Colette Grover
  • Mounika Vutukuru
  • Nadell Gayou
  • Naila Syed
  • Nancy C. Camacho
  • Nancy Daniel
  • Natalia Madrigal Martinez
  • Nick Barsic
  • Nicole Lindsay Nguyen
  • Nicole Woon
  • Nupur Prasad Kandalkar
  • Pamela A. Williamson
  • Penny Simpson Stein
  • Princess Ukazim
  • Rachael Susan Dwight
  • Rayna Michelle Mumbower
  • Reates Curry
  • Ruth Okamoto
  • Sarah Finn Cook
  • Sarah Van Houten
  • Shannon Marlece Vittur
  • Stacey-Ann Simpson
  • Susan Collins
  • Susanna Milda Packauskas-Lewalski
  • Terri Sue Matthews
  • Tulika S. Hainsworth
  • Valerie Cuevas
  • Valeta Carol Chancey
  • Vicky Shaw
  • Wendy L. Cohen
  • Yun Lin


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