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Video: SWE Member Sarah Johnson’s Always Connecting … Always Engineering

For WE17, the largest conference for women engineers, we’re asking our members how they’re Always Connecting … Always Engineering in their lives.

Published On: February 2017

This year’s theme for SWE’s Annual Conference, WE17, is Always Connecting … Always Engineering. You cannot attend a WE conference without forming connections, and we know that engineering is more than just a profession…it’s a mindset and outlook that defines who you are and how you think.

So, in anticipation of the largest conference for women engineers, we’re asking our members how they’re Always Connecting and Always Engineering in their lives.

Sarah Johnson
Manager of Electromagnetics Engineering, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

“Engineering isn’t just about the diploma of paper that you receive after four long years of college. It’s about a lifetime of passion and the desire to solve problems, building teams and leveraging each other’s expertise to go forth and build the solution. There’s a million problems in the world that need to be solved.

It doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not, if you are solving problems by collaborating as a team and building solutions for hundreds, thousands, and millions of people to use, that’s true engineering.

What’s really important is making others understand their role and when performing their role, they’re contributing to the overall development of humanity. Engineering is not just about high paying jobs and a piece of paper, it’s not about what others say about you. It’s about how you look at a problem, take ownership of it and build a solution for that challenge.

What an engineering university has to teach its students is not completely to just solve the math, not read a hundred textbooks but instead apply the math, apply the learning, build the right team, look for problems and solve them to impact at least a single individual positively.

Anyone who can do this or at least put a genuine effort towards this, is an engineer.”

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