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SWEet Wisdom: February 2017 Edition

This month we get an inside look at how a collegiate SWE member and a professional SWE member celebrate engineers week.

Published On: February 2017

With Engineers week approaching fast, this month we get an inside look at how a collegiate SWE member and a professional SWE member celebrate engineers week. Get excited to see what a future in engineering holds!

Amanda Pietsch

engineers weekAt John Deere we celebrate Engineers Week by hosting Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day events.  Many of our locations host Girl Day events during the spring to introduce girls to STEM and encourage them to pursue STEM fields.  At these events, we pair the girls up in groups with mentors to complete hands on activities and talk about engineering and other related fields.  At many of our sites the girls also get the opportunity to tour a John Deere factory

Katherine K

wisdomEngineers Week is an awesome way to remind ourselves and others about the valuable work that engineers do. Especially as a student, it is always a nice reminder of why I’m going through those late night study sessions and frustrating homework sets.

As a student at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, we have a lot of exciting ways we celebrate this week. One of the biggest things we do is known as E-Week. Every year one of our student groups – Engineering Council – gets together all the Engineering students groups for a weeklong Amazing-Race style competition. We have a bunch of social, community service, and competition style events throughout the week that are a blast to join in on. Oh and did I mention we go all out with the theme? From Harry Potter to Star Wars, our E-Week theme ties together the whole week.

Another – arguably more exciting – highlight of this time of year is my SWE sections Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day outreach event. Though this day is typically separate from E-Week we usually end up timing it with E-Week. This is a day where we have 100+ high school girls from around the state come and learn about engineering. We have activities, talks, poster presentations, and even a design challenge. I love meeting all the girls and sharing my experiences with them!

So as you can see, Engineers Week is a week filled with fun events that bring engineers and potential engineers from all walks of life together to celebrate engineering!

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