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Cast Your Vote in SWE’s Elections

Cast Your Vote in SWE’s Elections — It’s election season! Vote for FY18 Society and Region Leadership by May 1.

Published On: April 2017

Cast Your Vote in SWE’s Elections

Cast your votes for FY18!

It’s election season! Vote for FY18 Society and Region Leadership by May 1. If you were a Professional member as of 3/1/2017, cast your ballot to select candidates for these roles:

  • President-Elect, Secretary, and two Directors
  • Deputy Director of Regions
  • Three Trustees
  • Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary of the Senate (elected by Members of the Senate)
  • Governors for Regions A, C, E, G and I (elected by region A, C, E, G and I members)
  • One Professional Senate position from each region
  • One International Professional Senate position (elected by international members)

For information on the candidates or to cast your vote please visit You will need to enter your last name and unique control code.

Q: Where do I find my unique control code?
A: Your unique control code was delivered via e-mail on April 3, 2017 from In order to successfully log into to this portal you will need to retrieve your unique control code from this e-mail. You may also contact

Paper ballot – If you would prefer a paper ballot, please call +1-585-377-4235 to obtain a paper ballot package. Note that paper ballots must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2017.

If possible, please use the electronic voting option since it is less costly and timelier.
Your ballot will only display the candidates for the elections in which you are eligible to vote. Note that regions B, D, F, H, and J do not hold an election for governor this year and members of those regions will not have the option to vote for a governor. Please consider your selections carefully since once you submit your ballot, your selections are final and cannot be revoked or changed.

Candidate information for the Society election can be found on the election site. Candidate information for region and international member elections can be found on the region websites and SWE international page:

Region A
Region B
Region C
Region D
Region E
Region F
Region G
Region H
Region I
Region J
International Members

We encourage you to participate in this election as your vote is very important in determining the future leadership direction for SWE.

Thank you for your continuing commitment to SWE!
-Karen Horting, CAE
Executive Director & CEO

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