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Video: Renew Today and Stay with SWE like Paula Adams

Paula Adams, a retired member of the Society of Women Engineers, is with SWE because of the community of support she finds among our members.

Published On: September 2017

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“I am with SWE because it’s such an opportunity to meet other like-minded people. There have been so many places where I really didn’t know where to turn to and there were other women in SWE that really reached out and were able to help me.”
– Paula Adams

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Paula is with SWE because of the community of support she finds among our members. As a retired member, you endorse the mission of the largest organization dedicated to elevating women in engineering and technology.

Paula has more to say about SWE —Watch Her “I Am With SWE” video

The Benefits of SWE Membership

Stay actively involved in your community and in STEM fields. Here’s how SWE helps retired members act as catalysts for diversity and inclusion for women engineers all over the world:

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As a partner with SWE, you support its mission to empower women in engineering at all stages of their careers! We thank you for continuing to be part of SWE.

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