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SWE Member Eliana Jauregui is Always Connecting … Always Engineering

Tell us how you’re Always Connecting…Always Engineering with #AlwaysEngineering. Tag @SWETalk on Twitter and Instagram, and @sweorg on Facebook!

Published On: September 2017

This year’s theme for WE17 is Always Connecting … Always Engineering. You cannot attend a WE conference without forming connections, and we know that engineering is more than just a profession…it’s a mindset and outlook that defines who you are and how you think. 

 So, in anticipation of the largest conference for women engineers, we’re asking our members how they’re Always Connecting and Always Engineering in their lives.

Eliana Jauregui
Software Engineering, California State University, Sacramento

“An ‘Always Engineering mindset’ is someone who does more than just work and go home. They relate it to everything in their life. For me, my passion is software development. Another passion of mine is boxing. I know on the surface they do not relate to each other, but in my mind, I always find a connection. Becoming a skilled software engineer and a skilled boxer are two extremely big passions of mine that I will always continue to pursue even if they seem so different.

While becoming a software engineer we are constantly looking for ways to make our code as efficient as possible. Of course boxing consists of training, so when I am training I am constantly thinking of how can I make this workout more efficient. That could be with my form, my speed and my power. Boxing is also a place I go to when I’m am stuck with a program, almost like writer’s block for a writer. I can go to boxing, get out a good training session, go a few rounds, and when I’m done I will sit back and take a break and the solutions to my program will just come to me.

With both passions there are more challenges for women that I recognize. They both motivate me to continue since there are not many women doing both of these things.”

Tell us how you’re Always Connecting…Always Engineering with #AlwaysEngineering. Tag @SWETalk on Twitter and Instagram, and @sweorg on Facebook!

Always connecting

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