SWE Shows Austin Girls What an Engineer Looks Like

Invent it. Build it. is Sat. Oct. 28, 2017 at the Austin Convention Center as part of WE17, the largest conference and career fair for women engineers.
SWE Shows Austin Girls What an Engineer Looks Like

SWE Shows Austin Girls What an Engineer Looks Like

The largest non-profit organization for women engineers brings its annual event, Invent it. Build it., to Austin to engage girls in engineering and technology and give them a chance to see what being an engineer really looks like. The event will take place Saturday, October 28, 2017, 9:00am – 3:30pm at the Austin Convention Center as part of WE17, the largest conference and career fair for women engineers.

Invent it. Build it. is divided into four parts: the SWE Girls Program, the Parent/Educator Program (PEP), the High School Girls Program and the EXPO. Each program is designed to engage the audience in STEM activities and provide them resources that will help them, their students or their children pursue a path in engineering and technology.

Invent it. Build. it has proven to be a catalyst in girls’ opinions and perspectives of engineering. At the 2016 program in Philadelphia, 36 percent of girls reported having an interest in becoming an engineer before the event, which increased to 57 percent after the event. Further, 74 percent of girls saw a connection between their interests/passions and engineering.

Additionally, 84 percent reported improvements in their ability to think of many different possible ways to solve a problem, 83 percent reported improvements in their confidence in building things, and 75 percent reported improvements in their confidence in problem-solving.

“Girls who attend Invent it. Build. it. leave with a better understanding of engineering and a strengthened confidence in engineering-related skills,” said Randy Freedman, Director of Student Programs at SWE and coordinator of the Invent it. Build it. program.

“Girls often do not associate engineering as a career path that allows them to help people, and they also lack confidence in STEM skills as compared to their male counterparts. Events like Invent it. Build it. are essential to show girls what an engineer looks like and instill the confidence that they too can be an engineer.”

The Girls Program for grades 6-8 will allow the girls to work with SWE members from around the world on hands-on engineering activities. The High School Girls Program for grades 9-12 will give the girls the opportunity to connect with real engineers and receive on-the-spot mentorship with discussions that cover everything from picking the right college to pursuing the right engineering degree.

While the girls participate in their respective programs, parents and educators are invited to attend the PEP, where they will learn about the variety of engineering careers and scholarships available, and be given helpful college admission resources for their children or students.

The cost of the girls’ programs is $7, and the cost of the PEP program is $5.

All attendees will have exclusive access hours to the coinciding EXPO, where they can learn about engineering clubs, engineering camps, competitions, after-school programs, scholarships and more. The EXPO is open to the public free of charge.

For more information about Invent it. Build it. and to register, visit inventitbuildit.swe.org. For media inquiries and to request a complimentary media registration, contact Jennifer Balogh at (630) 305-0003 x303, or jbalogh@DavidJamesGroup.com.

For more information about the Society of Women Engineers, visit swe.org.

About SWE

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), founded in 1950, is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. The not-for-profit educational and service organization is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. To ensure SWE members reach their full potential as engineers and leaders, the Society offers unique opportunities to network, provides professional development, shapes public policy and provides recognition for the life-changing contributions and achievements of women engineers. As a champion of diversity, SWE empowers women to succeed and advance in their personal and professional lives. For more information about the Society, please visit www.swe.org or call 312.596.5223.

Invent It. Build It. FAQs

What is Invent it. Build it.?

Invent it. Build it. is SWE’s program at WE17 dedicated to girls in grades 6-12 and their parents and educators. The program, which typically draws hundreds of participants, is a one-day event with the goal to encourage girls to pursue a career in engineering. Invent it. Build it. takes place at the Austin Convention Center on Saturday, October 28, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Who should attend?

There’s something in it for everybody at Invent it. Build it. as we offer a program for girls, parents and educators and an Expo for all attendees.

Why should girls come to Invent it. Build it.?

Research shows that young girls are more likely to not pursue careers in engineering. Invent it. Build it. works throughout the year to reverse these trends by offering educational programs, engaging engineering projects and more.

Girls who attend Invent it. Build it. in Austin will have access to some of the world’s top engineers, as they’ll learn what it’s like firsthand to be an engineer. Participants will also work on engineering challenges, meet new friends, receive T-shirts, bags, other goodies and enter for a chance to win giveaways.

Design Squad Global’s host Deysi Melgar, is also going to be onsite serving as a host for Invent it. Build it. Design Squad is a PBS TV series that empowers young kids with real-life engineering projects.

What’s in it for parents and educators?

Parents and educators are encouraged to stay onsite for the entire program as they will be involved in lively panel discussions and learn about engineering programs, scholarships and other resources.

What happens at the EXPO?

All Invent it. Build it. attendees will have a chance to walk through the EXPO where exhibitors will be providing information on engineering clubs, camps, after school programs, activities and freebies.

Where can you get information about SWE’s Invent it. Build it.?

To learn more about Invent it. Build it., visit inventitbuildit.swe.org. You can also search #IIBI to follow along on social media.