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Day in the Life of Industrial Engineering Student Brianne Bujonowski

I major in Industrial Engineering at the University of Miami with minors in Mathematics and Business Law.

Published On: December 2017

Brianne Bujonowski

SWE member Brianne Bujonowski is an Industrial Engineering student:  Find out how she got there, the type of projects she’s working on, and how you can #BeThatEngineer!

“I always loved math when I was younger. I knew I wanted to use my math skills in a fun and challenging way. When someone brought engineering to my attention, it almost became a no-brainer that I would end up studying it.

Deciding on Industrial Engineering was more difficult. I knew I wanted a career in which I was working with people more than machines. Industrial Engineering is all about working with others to solve a problem and make processes more efficient. Once I heard that, I immediately knew it was the major for me.

I major in Industrial Engineering at the University of Miami with minors in Mathematics and Business Law. My school has a smaller engineering program than other schools, which makes face to face time with professors so much easier. While learning the material can be hard, when it’s material that you’re interested in, it’s always worth your time.

I’m also a board member of our university’s SWE Section. We hold professional events to get members ready for internship application processes and interviews. We also do several STEM outreach programs for young girls in the Miami area. The section has been a great way to meet new engineering faces and share our experiences with each other.

Of course women in engineering will face challenges. But every challenge I’m faced with pushes me to work harder. In that sense, I’m grateful to be a gender minority in engineering, because I believe it makes my accomplishments that much more rewarding to myself. And one day, when there is gender equality in the engineering field, it will feel so worth it to have overcome all the challenges we are faced with right now.

I love problem solving. It’s a process, and a much harder one than some people think. But finding those small flaws in a system and tweaking them to make a huge impact has felt incredible!

It’s a great field. I recommend young girls all the time to consider it. It won’t be easy, but it will be fun. And you will be making a difference in the world.”

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