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SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – December 2017

In this month’s SWE Counts, we would like to share some tips on how to increase SWENext membership numbers to broaden your outreach impact. 

Published On: December 2017

Welcome to the December Assessment Workgroup Newsletter! In our last newsletter, we shared some insight on how that data is used to sponsor impactful Outreach events.  This month, we would like to share some tips on how to increase SWENext membership numbers to broaden your outreach impact.  We would also like to introduce one more Assessment Workgroup member.

  • Katrina Paolini recently joined this fiscal year and did the article for this newsletter. She is a Quality Engineer for Pratt & Whitney.

 Tips to Promote SWENext and Build Membership Numbers

SWENext is the Society of Women Engineer’s program to promote STEM with younger girls from elementary school to high school. This program started a few years ago and now includes SWENext Clubs.  In this newsletter, we mention a few ways that you can start or build membership in a SWENext club in your community. A good way to begin may be pairing with other organizations already integrated into the community, such as the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts have recently added STEM activities, such as the “Think Like an Engineer” journey; so, they may be receptive towards attending a STEM event, particularly one for creating a badge. Such events would serve as a great platform to interest the girls in a SWENext club.

Other than Girl Scouts, you can reach out to local schools. Many schools list their principle, guidance counselors, or science teachers online with email addresses. You can also see if SWE members have children enrolled at the school so that the SWE members can talk directly with the teachers or school leadership for interest in hosting a STEM night or activity at the school. If the school already has many STEM events, you could ask permission from the administration to advertise for SWENext with flyers and perhaps promote an upcoming SWE STEM event your section is planning.

STEM outreach events that your SWE section hosts or that you volunteer at independently are excellent opportunities to spread the word about SWENext. It is a good idea to keep extra flyers and information on signing up to hand out at these events. SWENext flyers can be found at and easily printed from the website. These flyers can also be distributed and displayed at publics libraries or organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. SWE members can also volunteer at local DiscoverE events like Future City ( or as judges at local science fairs. Volunteering at events, gives SWE members an opportunity to interface with students and encourage their participation in SWENext.

Another idea is to show how promoting SWENext can help the sections in requesting grant funds and show exceptional outreach activity beyond normal outreach events.

Outreach by the Numbers

outreachThe Outreach Committee publishes the SWENextEd monthly e-newsletter as part of our efforts to increase exposure of and participation in SWE’s K-12 Educator membership and related programs. We currently have 244 SWENextEd subscribers. We also publish SWENext monthly e-newsletters that all our K-8 and 9-12 grade SWENext members receive.

There are 108 registered SWENext Clubs worldwide. The Outreach Committee is developing tools and resources to support our growing SWENext Clubs program.

There are 3,697 current SWENext student members and 3,107 SWENext adult members, which brings our total to 9.529 SWENext members since the beginning of the program. We recognize our amazing students through the SWENext Awards. In addition, we have 187 SWE K-12 Educator members.

So far this year, members reported 200 outreach events using the Outreach Metric Tool, showing an increase in entries from July to November. This brings our all-time total up to 2809 outreach events reported by SWE members.

Since kicking off FY18, members reached 16,156 girls, bringing the all-time total up to 205,915 girls impacted by SWE members at outreach events.

1,405 SWE members volunteered
for outreach events led by SWE members for FY18.  Twenty-three of those events included a Parent Educator Program.

To find out more about the data analyzed by the Assessment Workgroup of the Outreach Committee, please see our monthly Assessment Report and Region/section Report. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Mengel or Darcy Andersen, SWE Outreach Coordinator, at

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