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SWE by the Numbers: Our 2017 Infographic

When you look at the numbers, you see 2017 was a very successful year for the Society of Women Engineers and women in engineering and technology.

Published On: December 2017

Any way you measure it, 2017 was a successful year for the Society of Women Engineers. Check out our fun, year-end infographic to see SWE by the numbers.

WE17 in Austin, TX was the largest annual conference in SWE’s history with more than 14,000 attendees from around the world.

SWE hosted its first WE Local conferences in Pittsburgh and San Jose. With more than 900 attendees, these inaugural events were sold out. Seven more are planned for 2018.

Pittsburgh and San Jose were also sites for the first ever SWENext DesignLab events, to inspire girls to pursue engineering. Almost 75 new SWENext Clubs were launched in 2017, and SWENext released its second comic book, Constance and Nano’s Engineering Adventure #2: Safer Skies Ahead! Plus, SWE awarded more than $715,000 in scholarships.

Actor and comedian Jack Black raised more than $80,000 on The Price is Right for SWE in honor of his mom, Judith Love Cohen, a former SWE member and engineer. SWE also raised more than $13,000 on Giving Tuesday.

SWE’s Corporate Partnership Council (CPC) surpassed 80 members for the first time, and SWE hosted its largest Virtual Career Fair to date with 283 experienced professionals seeking jobs with 78 employers.

SWE launched the eXXec leadership training program. The inaugural event was in Vancouver. In fact, more than 900 women engineers attended events hosted by SWE outside the United States.

More than 1,500 of SWE’s Inclusion Solutions Cards and Diversity & Inclusion Card Decks were sold, and they are now available through sweSwag, SWE’s all-new online retail store.

SWE released two studies on community colleges and gender bias. Learn more about them on SWE’s research site.

More than 100 SWE members and volunteer leaders convened in Hartford, CT for SWE’s Governance Summit. See how the Society is updating its governance structure on SWE’s Governance Update page.

When you look at the numbers above, you see 2017 was a very successful year for SWE and women in engineering and technology. We couldn’t have done it without you—thank you for your support! Our goals would not have been achieved without your contributions and commitment to the Society and women in engineering.

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