SWE Advocate Profile: Amanda Weissman

Leading up to SWE’s Congressional Outreach Day in DC this March, SWE will feature profiles of some of our members who act as advocates for fellow women in engineering. This week, we are pleased to feature Amanda Weissman!
Capitol Hill SWE’s Advocacy Contributes to Increase in STEM Education Funding

SWE HQ: Tell us about yourself! What type of engineer are you and how have you been involved with SWE?
I am a Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin. I am a SWE Life Member and have been involved since my freshmen year of college, 14 years ago!

SWE HQ: Why do you feel it is important to advocate for women in engineering and how do you personally advocate for this cause?
It is important to advocate for women engineering to continue opening doors for the future of our profession and being able to attract the best talent from diverse backgrounds. We have made many advances and continue to open doors for women in engineering but there is still room for growth. I advocate by supporting women and helping them gain recognition for their accomplishments. I have volunteered with SWE’s scholarship program to recognize college women for their achievements and assisted in nomination packets to recognize women for awards and recognize men as diversity partners.

SWE HQ: How has attending SWE’s Congressional Outreach Day in the past helped you be a better advocate? SWE’s Congressional Outreach Day has helped me learn about the impact the federal government can make in supporting women in engineering. Each year we learn about specific bills and initiatives that can are important to women in engineering that I did not realize impacted us such as funding the National Science Foundation.

SWE HQ: If someone is new to public advocacy, what are some of the first steps you would recommend they take?
Attend SWE’s Congressional Outreach Day! Get to know who your elected officials in your hometown, district, and state. I personally like to follow them on Facebook so that I am familiar with their stances on issues. Write and call them when you have an opinion or if your story may help them understand the issues more. We can each tell our stories, bringing that personal touch to the facts and figures.

Want to become involved in Public Policy & Advocacy at SWE? Check out the following opportunities and resources:

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  • Use this site to find your United States elected officials, learn a bit about your elected official, the committees they are on and what is important to them.
  • Check out the advocacy section on SWE’s All Together blog or our Legislative Action Center.
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