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SWE Sub-Team Members Conduct Annual Strategic Plan Review

The team is responsible for reviewing and revising the Society’s strategic plan as needed to align with SWE’s vision and mission.

Published On: March 2018

ASPR attendees in Minneapolis, MN on February 9, 2018. Photo credit: Natalie Vanderspiegel

By Pamela Buzzetta, FY18 Region I Professional Senator

The Annual Strategic Planning Sub-Team led by Deputy Speaker Natalie Vanderspiegel convened again last week to conduct the Annual Strategic Plan Review (ASPR). The team is responsible for reviewing and revising the Society’s strategic objectives as needed to align with the vision and strategic goals. This year, the meeting also included special guests from the 5-Year Strategic Plan Task Force led by Special Senator, Dianne Beever.

The 5-Year Strategic Plan Task Force investigated the changing landscape of engineering and technology professions and the needs of our membership with a longer outlook. Using the Strategic Planning Assessment (SPA), environmental scans, competitive analysis, reports from the NSF on engineering and diversity, and input from senior leadership, this team discussed and reviewed the Society’s mission, vision, and strategic goals. The team presented proposed updates for FY19 and beyond to the Board of Directors and the Annual Strategic Planning Sub-Team at ASPR.

Together, the teams reaffirmed the mission and vision of SWE while providing recommendations to update the strategic goals within Professional Excellence, Globalization, and Advocacy. The group also spent a portion of the meeting discussing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) within SWE and in the engineering profession. Special Director Cheri Chappelle used her extensive corporate experience in leading D&I objectives to set the basis for the discussion during the ASPR.

Both, the sub-team and task force are now busy at work making the final changes and putting together the recommendations for the new strategic plan to present to the board next month. Look for the new approved strategic plan in the coming months!

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