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SWENext DesignLab Providence Inspires Girls

Programs like SWENext DesignLab Providence are vital in the effort to change the perception of engineering and show girls that they can be engineers too.

Published On: April 2018

This article by Tracy Slater is from Providence Moms Blog.

You can’t be what you can’t see. SWENext DesignLab shows girls that they can change the world with engineering” ~ Randy Freedman, Director of Student Programs at SWE

An exciting engineering event for middle schoolers is coming to Providence! SWENext DesignLab is for girls in grades 6-8, their families and teachers. The event is designed to show girls the creative and innovative facets of engineering.

SWENext DesignLab will take place Saturday, April 21, 2018, 2:00-5:00 p.m. at the Rhode Island Convention Center as part of WE Local Providence, the Society of Women Engineers’ (SWE) local conference and career fair. Part of SWE’s mission is to engage the future generation of women engineers, inspiring young ladies to pursue their interests in science and technology and giving them the resources to do so.

So many young girls show an interest in STEM, yet only 29 percent of bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are earned by women. Despite performing at similar levels as their male classmates, girls’ confidence and interest in engineering and math experience a decline during middle school. What’s more is that young girls don’t correlate helping people and making a difference in the world with STEM – and these are the top factors that include career motivation in young girls!

But, girls can change the world and help people with STEM. And programs like SWENext DesignLab Providence are vital in the effort to change the perception of engineering and show girls that they can be engineers too.

SWENext DesignLab Providence is divided into two parts: the Middle School Girls Program (grades 6-8) and the Parent /Educator Program (PEP).

At the Middle School Girls Program, attendees will engage in STEM activities and hear more about the different types of engineering jobs and how they can make a difference in the world as an engineer. They’ll meet women engineers from the Society of Women Engineers and learn about what they do. Girls’ siblings are welcome to come to the event, too.

At the PEP program, parents and teachers will also engage in engineering activities and learn how they can further encourage their girls and students to pursue their interests in STEM. Parents and teachers are top influencers in career motivation in young girls, making them crucial to encouraging more girls to pursue engineering.

All attendees will receive local resources including information on camps, competitions, scholarships and more. The cost of the girls’ programs is $7, and the cost of the PEP program is $5. Register Here.

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