Engineering For Change

Well WE12 is over, but not the enthusiasm it generated.  We are pleased to announce that Engineering For Change is right in the thick of all the excitement.

During WE12 we hosted three separate events. Our booth amidst the career fair exhibitors had a constant flow of attendees that kept the representatives busy.  The lightning talk session presented by Iana Aranda was captivating.  She was fairly mobbed afterward with questions from the audience.  And our meet-up reception with ASME had over one hundred registrants.  They were treated to remarks from E4C president Noha El-Ghobashy and presentations by several social entrepreneurs.  This promoted a lively discussion that has quite a few members considering E4C membership.

On top of the conference activities there are new developments to announce. Please join me in welcoming Carolyn Phillips as our new Ambassador to Engineering For Change. Carolyn will assist in promoting E4C and making members more aware about the initiative and its benefits. We have also launched our webpage where you can find out about the latest E4C activities and find out which of your section members have taken the steps to join us. The site is located on the home page in the ‘Of Interest’ section.

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Click here to view this month’s webinar, Housing for Families by Families.

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