Engineering For Change

A new year is upon us fresh with new opportunities.  After a wonderful holiday season, remember those whose day-to-day existence leaves little to celebrate.  To that end here is another chance to join with others from around the world who have taken time to help those in need.  Click on the link to find out how you can lend a hand. 

One great feature about E4C is that those who help get almost as much out of their participation as the people receiving the assistance.  Volunteers universally tell us that their sense of accomplishment and giving is enhanced by actively doing good for others, even though they will never meet those people.  

If you are not sure this is something you can do, check out our webpage and ask someone already working on a challenge.  Ask your section members and classmates if they are involved.  Consider using an E4C challenge as a class or section project.  Whatever your motivation, get started now.  We can make this New Year a better year for many, and next holiday season we can all celebrate!

Lester McNair

written by Elaine Kuehn , January 11, 2013
So where's the bloody link?