FY14 Nominee Evaluation

The Society nominating committee is seeking feedback regarding the nominees for FY14 Society positions.  We are asking SWE members to provide us with information about SWE Leadership Competencies, skills, and experience of the candidates.  Your valuable insight helps us make informed decisions. The nominees for FY14 are:


Elizabeth Keller Bierman (formerly Elizabeth Keller) - President Elect

Linette Dawson (formerly Linette Patterson) - President Elect

Annmarie Connor (formerly Annmarie Uskert) - Secretary, Director, or Deputy Director of Regions

Cathy Krier - Secretary or Director

Wendy Landwehr - Secretary or Director

Jennifer Nichols (formerly Jennifer Harris) - Secretary, Director, or Senate Secretary

Jessica Rannow (formerly Jessica Flasche) - Secretary or Director

Barbara Darnell (formerly Barbara Donoghue) - Director or Deputy Speaker of the Senate

Heather Doty - Director or Trustee

Justina Mikals - Director

Mary Phelps (formerly Mary Bonk-Vasko) - Director

Suzanne Woll - Director, Speaker of the Senate, or Deputy Speaker of the Senate

Brittney Elko - Speaker of the Senate

Heather Bernardin - Deputy Speaker of the Senate or Deputy Director of Regions

Amy Jo Bowdidge - Deputy Speaker of the Senate

Leslie Romanowski (formerly Leslie Miller) - Deputy Speaker of the Senate

Christine Cabrera - Senate Secretary

Ester Barbuto - Trustee

Kathryn Cunningham - Trustee

Lorraine Herger - Trustee

Diana Joch - Trustee

If you have experience working with, or working for, any of the nominees listed above, I urge you to provide feedback to the Society nominating committee.  The information you provide through this process is very helpful in guiding our decisions.  You do not have to submit feedback for all candidates or for all questions on a given candidate.  In fact, we encourage you to provide information only when you have direct knowledge of the candidate and her skills and experience.  We are looking for information that is relevant to the candidate's potential for success in that position.  Be as specific as you can, giving examples whenever possible.

The Society nominating committee is employing SurveyMonkey this year to collect and collate the feedback. We are asking the same short series of questions for each candidate.  Click on the FY14 Society Nominations Survey to begin entering comments.

Important: When you have entered all your comments for a selected nominee, you will need to click to submit those comments.  Once you submit your comments, the page will re-direct to the start of the survey and you can choose another nominee.

Although your name is requested with your submission, all information will be held confidential. Society nominating committee members will see only the compiled feedback.

All feedback must be submitted by the end of Friday, November 16th, 2012 at noon Central time.

If you have difficulty utilizing the SurveyMonkey and/or would like to provide feedback on using this method of information collection send an email to hq@swe.org.

The Society nominating committee and I thank you for your participation!

For your reference, here is a list of the survey questions, SWE Competency Model , and Competency Model Levels.

Pam Snyder, PE
FY13 Society Nominating Committee Chair