I Challenge You to Make the Most of Your SWE Network!

Dear SWE Members,
If you plan to attend the SWE Annual Conference, make the most of your SWE network!  I challenge you to:

  • Find out who from your SWE section/Member at Large area is planning to attend the Annual Conference in Houston, TX in November 2012.
  • If you belong to a professional SWE section, find out who plans to attend from collegiate SWE sections in your vicinity.
  • If you belong to a collegiate SWE section, find out who plans to attend from the professional SWE sections in your vicinity.
  • Establish a dialogue between those planning to attend the conference. Perhaps you might plan to meet each other at the conference at a meal or a particular venue like the Lava Lounge for a photo opportunity!
  • Encourage others to register and reap the benefits of attending with others.
  • Sit next to someone you have never met before and get to know them.
  • Find out who your leaders are and thank them for all they do for SWE.
  • Bring many business cards to exchange (collegiates can do this as well!).
  • Thank career fair participants for their support of SWE.
  • Remind people that the conference is a huge opportunity to learn, network, grow, have some fun and if nothing else, "recharge their batteries" while being amongst some amazing attendees.


See you in Houston!

Susan Thomas Schlett
SWE Membership Committee Chair FY13