Section/Region Web Template Offered This Spring 

Coming soon to some Sections/Regions near you – a new local website option to help offer consistent and comprehensive information and functionality to members and interested women engineers.

For those Sections who host their sites through SWE Headquarters, we will be transferring to a new template-based web platform beginning March 1.  Sections will be able to create their sites with the the easy-to-use, drag and drop Weebly website builder system. The platform allows SWE to create a customized template specific to the SWE brand, yet gives the Section/Region flexibility to add their own logo, content, pages etc.  Sections/Regions can also keep their current domain address by simply pointing it to one of Weebly’s IP addresses.  In addition, hosting will be included. More than six million people and small businesses have joined Weebly to build their online presence.

SWE’s University of Arkansas Section currently uses Weebly.  President Amy Powless had this to say about it: "We have been using Weebly for over a year and have found it to be a great website for organizations. It's very easy to use and it has a lot of really neat features including blogs, forums, contact us forms, and multimedia options.  These features are great to increase feedback for the site viewers.  Our section has enjoyed using Weebly and we think it would be a great free resource for other sections. "

SWE plans to make the template available beginning March 1, 2013, and Sections/Regions who are interested in using it will have until June 30, 2013 to re-create their website on the new platform. After June 30, all sites on the current SWE HQ server will be taken offline and archived. Section/Region leaders can look forward to more information and details in the coming month.

Sections and Regions who do not host through SWE HQ may continue to host and manage their sites in the manner they currently employ.

written by Melissa Tacconi , March 03, 2013
Is there more information available about where to find the template and how to get started? I'm very excited to try this out.