Senate Update

An update from the Senate:

Senate Meeting at WE 12

Thank you to the members of the senate for attending the Senate meeting on November 10, 2012  in Houston and being prepared for the discussion. The meeting was productive and we were able to accomplish all of the SWE business on the agenda.

Please watch for the survey to gather your input on the Senate Meeting.

FY13 Motions Status

At the meeting on November 10, the following motions were voted on and the status is posted below. The final wording of the approved motions will be posted by the end of November.

  • S1301: Roberts Rules of Order MOTION PASSED
  • S1302: Date for determining representation MOTION PASSED
  • S1303: Alternate Senator MOTION PASSED
  • S1304: Petition Candidates  MOTION PASSED
  • S1305: Collegiate Director Election POSTPONED INDEFINITELY
  • S1306: Nominating Committee Chair MOTION FAILED
  • S1307: Employer Sponsored Dues MOTION WITHDRAWN
  • S1308: Employer Sponsored Dues Revised  MOTION PASSED

The meetings from the meeting will be compiled and distributed by the end of the month.

Please contact any of the Senate Leadership if you have questions.

Helen Patricia - Speaker
Brittney Elko - Deputy Speaker
Jennifer Nichols - Senate Secretary
Amy Jo Bowdidge - Mega Issue chair
Karla Tankersley - chair-elect of the MI committee