Senate Update

Bylaws Update

As a result of the changes voted on at the Senate Meeting in Houston, the Society Bylaws are being updated and will be posted in December for review. Please visit the communities to read the udpated bylaws which will be available by the end of December.

Senate Survey

Give us your thoughts on the Senate Meeting in Houston. A survey link will be sent to all of the members of the senate and we would like to hear your thoughts on the meeting and suggestions for the next meeting. Thanks again to everyone who attended and contributed to the Senate Meeting.

Please contact any of the Senate Leadership if you have questions.

Helen Patricia - Speaker
Brittney Elko - Deputy Speaker
Jennifer Nichols - Senate Secretary
Amy Jo Bowdidge - Mega Issue chair
Karla Tankersley - Chair-Elect of the MI committee

Happy Holidays!!

Jenn Harris Nichols
FY13 SWE Senate Secretary