2013 New Faces of Engineering Recognition Program

General Information
The Society of Women Engineers welcomes nominations for the New Faces of Engineering Recognition Program. All nominations are to be submitted online. YOU MUST BE A SWE MEMBER to apply for this award through the Society of Women Engineers.

The SWE nomination deadline is Friday, October 19, 2012. SWE will be submitting the Society’s top five candidates to National EWeek. The top recipients will be published on the EWeek website. The top 5 SWE candidates will also be published on the SWE website. To access the nomination form click here.  You can email Kalyani Mallela after December 1 for the result of your nomination.

Nominations Instructions
Nomination Deadline: October 19, 2012


The New Faces of Engineering strives to promote the accomplishments of young engineers by highlighting their engineering contributions and the resulting impact on society.  The campaign is designed to enhance and improve the image of engineering by:

•    Putting faces to what has often been referred to as “the stealth profession”;
•    Showing a group of young, diverse and talented engineers, thereby portraying engineering as an exciting profession open to everyone;
•    Providing both stimulation and incentive for college engineering students to explore the variety of career options available to them with their engineering degrees as well as encouraging high school students to study engineering in college.  
•    Help engineering students understand they are part of a global profession.

•    Engineers 30 years of age or younger as of December 31, 2012, are the focus of the recognition program.
•    Nominees must have a degree in engineering from an ABET-accredited U.S. college or university, or from an equivalent international educational institution.  Degrees in engineering technology, science, computer science, and similar disciplines do not qualify; a degree in computer engineering is acceptable.
•    New Faces of Engineering recognizes achievements in all engineering disciplines.  However, nominees must be a member of an Engineers Week Diversity Council Founding Partner.  See “Nomination Process.”

Nomination Process
•    Nominations are only made electronically.
•    Questions about the New Faces program, criteria, or nomination process should be addressed to your society contact, Kalyani Mallela.
•    Incomplete submissions or statements containing more than 200 words in length will be removed from consideration of this recognition.

Specific questions concerning the New Faces of Engineering Recognition Program can be directed to Kalyani Mallela.

written by Victoria Fry , September 14, 2012
Why is SWE not participating in the 2013 New Faces of Engineering Recognition Program College Edition? Is there anyway we can be party of that too?