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April 2014
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Women in Academia Committee Revived and Thriving

Last fiscal year the Women in Academia (WIA) Committee was reinstated and grew to a committee of 15 members under the leadership of Mary C. Verstraete, Ph.D., associate professor and associate chairwoman of the undergraduate program in biomedical engineering at the University of Akron. The WIA committee worked to develop Society conference programming to engage and support academic members and affiliates in SWE. Please attend and support the WIA sessions at WE13!

WE13 WIA Sessions:

  • Strategies for Obtaining Your First Academic Position
  • Early Career Advice for New Faculty: How to Avoid Common Mistakes
  • YAY! I was Awarded Tenure! Now What?
  • Opportunities in Academic Leadership: Preparation & Advancement
  • Making Connections Between Industry & Academia

WE13 WIA Networking Opportunity:

  • Women in Academia Reception - 4-5 p.m., Oct. 26, BCC 334 - Academics, academic affiliates, researchers, graduate students and anyone who is interested in connecting with WIA members or learning more about SWE WIA please join us for refreshments and good conversation.

In FY14 the Women in Academia (WIA) Committee, chaired by Jacquelyn K. Nagel, Ph.D., assistant professor of engineering at James Madison University, is focusing on increasing participation of senior academic women in SWE, strengthening communications with WIA members and collegiate section faculty advisors, and building the foundations for providing opportunities to foster women interested in academia, develop collaboration networks and share best practices. The WIA Committee will also continue to offer professional development opportunities that engage and support WIA members.

As a starting point to work toward these goals, a SWE Women In Academia LinkedIn group has been established to offer members the opportunity to network with other SWE WIA members, suggest professional development ideas, share best practices and provide feedback on how SWE can better support WIA members.

If you are interested in learning more about the SWE Women in Academia (WIA) Committee or getting involved, please contact the WIA Committee Chair Jacquelyn K. Nagel, Ph.D. or join the LinkedIn group.

SWE Announces the 2014 New Faces of Engineering Recognition Program

The Society of Women Engineers welcomes nominations for the New Faces of Engineering Recognition Program. All nominations are to be submitted online. YOU MUST BE A SWE MEMBER to apply for this award through the Society of Women Engineers.

The SWE nomination deadline is Oct. 18. E-mail Dayna Johnson after Dec. 1 for nomination results.

SWE will be submitting the Society’s top five candidates to National eWeek. The top recipients will be published on the eWeek website. The top five SWE candidates will be published on the SWE website. Access the nomination form here.



The New Faces of Engineering program strives to promote the accomplishments of young engineers by highlighting their engineering contributions and the resulting impact on society. The campaign is designed to enhance and improve the image of engineering by:

  • Putting faces to what has often been referred to as 'the stealth profession
  • Showing a group of young, diverse and talented engineers, thereby portraying engineering as an exciting profession open to everyone
  • Providing both stimulation and incentive for college engineering students to explore the variety of career options available to them with their engineering degrees as well as encouraging high school students to study engineering in college
  • Help engineering students understand they are part of a global profession


  • Engineers 30 years of age or younger as of Dec. 31, 2013, are the focus of the recognition program
  • Nominees must have a degree in engineering from an ABET - accredited U.S. college or university, or from an equivalent international educational institution. Degrees in engineering technology, science, computer science and similar disciplines do not qualify, however a degree in computer engineering is acceptable
  • New Faces of Engineering recognizes achievements in all engineering disciplines. However, nominees must be a member of an Engineers Week Diversity Council Founding Partner. See “Nomination Process”

Nomination Process

  • Nominations are only made electronically
  • Questions about the New Faces program, criteria, or nomination process should be addressed to your society contact, Dayna Johnson
  • Incomplete submissions or statements containing more than 200 words in length will be removed from consideration of this recognition

Specific questions concerning the New Faces of Engineering Recognition Program can be directed to Dayna Johnson.

Gender Summit 3 – North America: Nov. 13 – 15, 2013, Washington DC

The National Science Foundation is pleased to present Gender Summit 3 – North America, in Washington, D.C., Nov. 13-15. This is the first year the summit will be held in the U.S., and it provides an opportunity for students, researchers, policy makers, science and innovation leaders, and other stakeholders in STEM to address gender issues in research, leadership and innovation.

The theme for this year’s summit is Diversity Fueling Excellence in Research and Innovation. The aim of the event is a Call to Action for relevant stakeholders to make positive change resulting in greater diversity in the science workforce and leadership, and for the greater inclusion of sex and gender considerations (the “gender dimension”) in research content and process. The objectives of the summit are to develop solutions to how to incorporate sex and gender considerations in research methods, institutional structures and funding structures; to foster a community of experts – across government, industry, the academy and public citizenry – to address scientific and societal grand challenges, and to maximize national and international networking for research and human capital development.

Register for the summit to participate in these important conversations and network with researchers, policy makers and STEM stakeholders. Visit the Gender Summit website for additional details or e-mail questions here.

SWE Former President Trains with the Troops

Marine Corps ExperienceMarine Corps Experience 2

This summer, FY13 SWE President Alyse Stofer traveled to Quantico, Va., to gain valuable insights from the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Educators and Key Leaders Workshop.  Participants had the opportunity to attend the Officer Candidate School (OCS) and The Basic School (TBS), as well as wear gear, try out fire team and squad drills officer candidates perform, and eat MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat. While at TBS, workshop attendees participated in a tactical drill mimicking a field mission and martial arts training, which was developed in the late 1990s for all Marines.  At OCS, Stofer used her muscles and critical thinking to work through an obstacle course with her team.

“I appreciate that we had hands-on activities each day,” Stofer said.  “I also appreciated that I learned about the Marine Corps; the value of an engineer joining is to expand their leadership skills and reach.” 

In addition to their time at OCS and TBS, workshop attendees were introduced to materials used at the Marine Corps University, which offers professional degrees for officers, and toured HXM-1 (Marine Helicopter Squadron 1), the USMC helicopter facility that supports the President of the United States. Other highlights included a trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps that highlights USMC history from the Revolutionary War through today’s conflicts in the Middle East, and the sunset parade at Arlington National Cemetery. During the moving parade, the USMC drum and bugle corps and rifle corps performed in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Throughout her time in Virginia, Stofer interacted with Marines from morning through evening activities and at all meals. She was impressed by their professionalism and candidness about why they joined the Marine Corps and their experiences serving overseas. The key leaders workshop experience was enlightening, Stofer said, and underscored the role SWE members can play in defense of our nation’s safety.

“I look forward to creating a partnership with the Marine Corps and offering our members another career path option once they graduate from college,” Stofer said.

Join Us for a Finance Webinar on SWE, Your EIN, & the IRS

Are you a section or region or MAL officer? Are you interested in learning more about tax issues at the section and region level? The finance committee is offering webinar training:

SWE, Your EIN, & the IRS Finance Training
Monday, October 7
7:00 - 7:30 pm CDT

This training will help answer questions about tax I.D. numbers, ePostcards, and other tax issues that sections and regions may have. Please send us your questions in advance.

Register Now

We'll record the webinar and it will be available for replay within 24 hours. All registrants will automatically receive a link to the replay.

Remember ePostcards are due no later than November 15.

Call for Nominations - 2014 Alan T. Waterman Award

~ The National Science Foundation’s Highest Honor ~

Call for Nominations (Deadline: October 25, 2013)

The National Science Foundation is pleased to accept nominations for the 2014 Alan T. Waterman Award. Each year, the Foundation bestows the Waterman Award to recognize the talent, creativity, and influence of a singular young researcher. The award consists of a $1,000,000 grant and a trip for two to Washington, DC, to receive the award.  For details about the Waterman Award’s history, the nomination procedure and the selection criteria please visit here.

Nominees are accepted from any field of science or engineering that NSF supports. Nominations must be submitted electronically using NSF's FastLane system.

Please direct all inquiries about the award and the nomination procedures to Mayra Montrose.

Call for Nominations for FY15 Society Officers and Trustees - ACTION REQUIRED BY SEPT. 28, 2013

With FY14 activities under way, it is time to identify and nominate potential candidates for FY15 Society officers, board of directors, senate leadership and board of trustees.

Per Article IV, Section 6, of the Society's bylaws, the Society nominating committee is charged with the responsibility for selecting at least one qualified candidate for each of the following positions for FY15:

  • President Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Director (two positions)
  • Director of Regions
  • Deputy Director of Regions

Under Society bylaws, candidates for these elected positions must be a voting member of the Society in good standing and must have served at least two years in the aggregate as a professional member of the senate, Society committee chair, region governor, professional section or members at large president, or professional section or members at large representative, except that one year as a collegiate senator or collegiate representative may be counted. Proviso: For the purpose of fulfilling eligibility requirements, service as an international representative for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, shall count toward these requirements (expires 2019). A candidate for president elect must be either a senior member or a fellow, and must have served at least two years on the board of directors. A candidate for director of regions and deputy director of regions must have served as a region governor (or region director prior to 2004).

There are four SWE leadership competencies that each future leader should possess to some degree: Leadership Abilities, Communication, Business Knowledge & Management, and Self Management & Development. The SWE Leadership Competency Model describes the competencies and provides additional information on requirements and duties for each position. Please review the skills, leadership competencies, interests and SWE experience of members you are familiar with, and use the nomination form to recommend appropriate candidates.

The Society nominating committee is also calling for candidates for additional FY15 positions:

  • Trustee (two positions)
  • Deputy Speaker of the Senate
  • Senate Secretary

At the request of the board of trustees, the Society nominating committee has been asked to recommend two candidates for trustee. There are six members on the board of trustees who serve staggered three-year terms; two new trustees must be elected for FY15. A key factor for a candidate for trustee is expertise in handling all types of financial investments. While not necessary, it is beneficial for the candidate to be familiar with Society operations.

Trustees maintain fiduciary responsibility for SWE's endowed and reserve funds by prudently selecting and overseeing investment managers, in light of economic and financial conditions in the world economies and in SWE.

Candidates for Trustee should have a good understanding of global economies and financial markets and should be comfortable with a broad range of investment vehicles. Candidates should also have strong strategic thinking and communications skills. For the term beginning in FY15, the Trustees seek candidates with skills in accounting and financial reporting.

At the request of the Senate, the nominating committee has been asked to issue this call for candidates for deputy speaker of the senate and senate secretary. A candidate for deputy speaker of the senate or senate secretary must be a voting member of the Society, and have served a minimum of two years in the aggregate on the board of directors, as a professional member of the senate, Society or senate committee chair, region governor, professional section or members at large president, or professional section or members at large representative, except that one year as a collegiate senator or collegiate representative may be counted toward this requirement. Proviso: For the purpose of fulfilling these eligibility requirements, service as an international representative for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, shall count toward the requirement (expires 2019). The Society nominating committee has been requested via Senate motion to evaluate deputy speaker and senate secretary candidates.

The deputy speaker assists the speaker in the performance of assigned and necessary duties. The deputy speaker also performs the duties of the speaker in the absence of or at the request of the speaker, except serving on the board of directors and serves as a nonvoting ex officio member of the senate. The senate secretary is responsible for overseeing all senate communications and logistics for meetings.

Candidates for all senate leadership positions should possess a knowledge and familiarity with the Society bylaws and parliamentary procedure as well as the SWE leadership competencies.

The Society nominating committee is responsible for insuring that qualified candidates are placed on the ballot; however, identifying SWE's future leaders is the responsibility of all members. Our Society has many competent members who are interested in leading us forward. It is the responsibility of all of us to see that they are considered for the Society's elected offices. I look forward to receiving your recommendations.


The deadline for submitting recommendations is Sept. 28, 2013.

Please complete a nomination form for each recommended candidate for the Society's offices, Directors, Senate leadership and Trustees for FY15.

  • Provide the candidate's name, address, phone and e-mail.
  • Include all positions the candidate is being nominated for on the same form.
  • Provide some brief background information explaining why the person is appropriate for the office - for example, SWE experience, leadership competencies, financial planning experience, etc.

Obtain a candidate consent and eligibility form from each recommended candidate.

  • This must be submitted along with their nomination form.
  • The Society nominating committee chair must receive this confirmation of consent and eligibility before the candidate will be considered.

Use a separate nomination form for each candidate nominated.

Please e-mail the nomination package (nomination form and candidate consent and eligibility form) to the Society nominating committee chair, Debra P. Sept. 28, 2013 at

This call for candidate recommendations is NOT used for region positions. It is each region's responsibility to select candidates for region governor, senator and Society nominating committee representatives in accordance with region bylaws.

Questions about eligibility, duties of office, or the Society nominating committee process can be directed to the Society nominating committee chair or your region nominating committee representative.

The information supplied by the candidates, and the feedback on the candidates supplied by other SWE members during the nomination process, is regarded as highly confidential information. It is not shared outside the committee, and it is not saved from year to year. In order to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of our process, questions, concerns, or feedback about individual candidates that arise outside of the formal feedback process must be directed to the Society nominating committee chair. Please respect that members of the Society nominating committee are duty-bound not to discuss information related to individual candidates!

Society Nominating Committee Chair: Debra P. Evans

Mary Frederick, Golden West Region (A)
Violettee Brown, Sonora Region (B)
Hope Toole Schwalls, Gulf Coast Region (C)
Yvonne Simms, Southeast Region (D)
Cheryl Manning, Mid-Atlantic Region (E)
Michele Fitzpatrick, New England Region (F)
Jennifer Vallero, Ohio Valley Region (G)
Nora Lin, Heartland Region (H)
Kristin Ramey, Square Root (-1) Region (i)
Kelly Griswold Schable, Northwest Star Region (J)

The Society nominating committee encourages all SWE members to consider service at the highest levels. Please feel free to contact any of the Society nominating committee members to discuss requirements for service, the process of application, and your plans for service over the short and long term.

Register for Society Nominating Process Webinar - Helpful information for members
September 18th 7 PM Eastern, 6 PM Central, 5 PM Mountain, 4 PM Pacific

The Society Nominating process for the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and Senate Leadership can feel a little like a black box. This webinar is designed to demystify the process. The Society Nominating Committee will provide information on the process, key dates for candidates and nominators, and tips to help candidates and nominators through the nominating process. The session will also cover how SWE's Leadership Competency Model is integrated into the Nominating Process.

If you are applying or nominating a candidate for a Society leadership position (Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, or Senate Leadership) in FY15 (2014/2015), please consider attending this session for tips that can help you in the process. If you currently hold a Society or Region Leadership position, please also consider attending this session for information in how you can support the nominating process.

Target Audience
Society and Region Leaders and interested Professional Members.


WE13 Member Discounts Expire Soon!

One of the myriad benefits SWE members receive is access to a diverse global network of innovators who have faced the same challenges and choices that come with an exciting career in engineering. Their insights and lessons are available all in one place this fall at WE13, the premiere event for women engineers. Save on this chance to Make Connections. Make History. by leveraging your membership and registering today. SWE members receive member-only discounts on registration if confirmed by Friday, Sept. 27. Don’t miss this window for the best rates and accommodations at WE13, Oct. 24-26 in Baltimore.

SWE's New Long Range Strategic Plan Rolled Out via Webinar

Last month, SWE President Stacey DelVecchio rolled out SWE’s new long range strategic plan: Professional Excellence, Globalization and Advocacy. Attendees learned about the strategic objectives, value propositions and how the new plan will help SWE meet its mission and vision.

The webinar covered:

• What's changed and why?
• The process used to identify changes.
• What are the new strategic goals?
• What is a value proposition?
• What does this mean for FY14 and beyond?
• What's in it for me?
• How will SWE keep the plan relevant?

Watch the replay here.

SWE International Sister Program at WE13

Attending WE13 and interested in meeting people from around the world? Building on successes during the past four years, international visitors to WE13 will be paired with SWE members from the U.S. to encourage cultural exchange through the SWE International Sister Program. The goals of the program are to provide participants with personal connections to a diverse group of conference attendees, increase awareness of the opportunities for women engineers in specific countries and to better understand the cultural differences between the U.S. and other countries.

This program is open to all conference attendees via advance registration. The target audience includes professional SWE members based in the U.S. and international conference attendees. We will make every effort to pair interested SWE members with an international visitor, but keep in mind that we may have unequal registrations from the two groups. Therefore, we will make the pairings on a first come, first served basis. To sign up, please provide your name, country, company and engineering discipline at least two weeks in advance of the conference. We will share the name and contact information of your sister pair no later than one week before the conference. Questions can also be addressed to Jennifer Patterson and Jessica Rogers

What can you expect and how do you participate?

  • Sign up for the program at least two weeks before the conference – that is, by Oct. 10. Please use the following Survey Monkey link and provide the information requested. Be sure to exchange introductory emails with your sister at least one week before the conference.
  • Attend the SWE International Sister meeting session at WE13 to meet your partner in person and network with other participants in the program. This meeting will take place on Friday, Oct. 25, from 10-11:30 am in room BCC 324 (check the conference program for any updates in location). Attendance at this session is not required for the program, but it is highly encouraged as it will provide a dedicated time to meet your sister.
  • Attend one other event at WE13 together (this can be a presentation on a topic of shared interest, for example, or one of the social events like the iScream Social).
  • If your company has a booth and/or hospitality suite at the conference, invite your sister to visit while you will be there.
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