Thanks and Post Conference Tips

A Huge Thanks and Post Conference tips from Your Membership Chair

Dear SWE Members and Supporters,

Thank you to all who contributed to such an amazing 2012 SWE Annual Conference in Houston, Texas this month! I have been a SWE member for 30 years and this was by far the hightlight of my SWE career! Three days of energy is an understatement. It was great to talk with so many friends and make so many new friends. Some of my most cherished moments included:


  • Meeting many of my membership committee members for the first time face-to-face

  • Having breakfast with my committee member Bola and her husband and children from Quatar and scouring the career fair together

  • Meeting Barbara Wollmershauser at the life members reception, she was SWE president when I graduated from Trinity College and received our SWE charter

  • Connecting with my SWE sisters at UTC, my previous employer

  • Attending the international members meeting

  • Receiving third place in the “Lifetime of Opportunity” contest at the Lava Lounge

  • Seeing the membership motion pass with a majority vote at the SWE Senate session

  • Presenting this year’s life memberships at Celebrate SWE!

  • Every conference moment in between!

Having attended several conferences in the past, here are a few post-conference tips I will share with you:

1. Review the business cards that you collected during the conference and write on them where you met these people and what you spoke about. You will forget details if you don't do this soon! Keep them in an accessible place.

2. Contact people you said you would follow-up with after the conference.

3. Thank those who may have helped you to attend conference, those who inspired you...those you just had fun talking to.

4. Put the next annual SWE conference date for Baltimore on your calendar now!

5. Decide what you can do for SWE and help us increase the number of working engineers who are women in the United States...13% is way too low!

6. Help inspire a child today to become interested in STEM, science, technology, engineering and math, to help fill that pipeline of talent.

We have lots of work to do, but together, we will help change history.



Susan Thomas Schlett

SWE Membership Committee Chair FY13