Summary of the Oct. 21 SWE Board of Directors Meeting

This month's summary for the FY15 SWE Board of Directors (BOD) meeting that took place Oct. 21.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

The summary this month is for the FY15 Board of Directors (BOD) meeting that took place Oct. 21.

SWE Rebranding

  • We reviewed SWE's desired brand attributes, which is what we want people to think of when they think of SWE. We determined we want to be perceived as progressive, professional, authentic, credible, global and unique.
  • The case for rebranding was discussed and, based on our research, the following analysis was developed:
    • Issue: SWE is not perceived as a modern, global organization keeping pace with changes in the engineering industry.
    • Goal: Build a global brand utilizing consistent messages and identity across all parts of the organization.
    • Plan: SWE will implement a number of communication programs to proactively build a modern, global brand.
  • Many brands have evolved over time and some specific examples were examined.
  • Potential tools were discussed that will help SWE leverage a consistent, global identity across the organization.
  • We discussed the importance of properly expressing an identity that fits our goals and ideals, as well as how that identity impacts the parts of the world we are expanding to.

HQ Update

  • Environmental scan indicate that Gen Z is willing to volunteer, but in small periods of time.
  • There will be on Online Conference and Career Fair for professionals in February 2015.
  • The success of the Google Hackathon led to the discussion of other competitions that will be considered for WE15.
  • D&I modules are ready and orders are coming in. Four modules are complete; others will be made available by January.

Governance and Leadership Engagement Initiative

The BOD has contracted McKinley Advisors to conduct research and formulate recommendations to improve the effectiveness of SWE's governance model and processes, and to ensure the organization is optimally positioned to drive member engagement and participation to achieve organizational goals in the future. This project is funded by Special Project funds. Seven SWE members have been assigned to this special project: three BOD members, one Region Governor, one Senator, and Executive and Deputy Directors.

Collegiate Faculty Advisors and Counselors Discussion

Finally, we discussed the need to determine how we can make the Faculty Advisor and Counselor positions more effective.