Colleen Layman Selected as Finalist for Power-Gen Woman of the Year Award

SWE President-Elect Colleen Layman is selected as a finalist for Power-Gen Woman of the Year award in recognition of her career accomplishments.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

SWE President-Elect Colleen Layman was selected as a finalist for the Power-Gen Woman of the Year award. This recognition came in light of Colleen’s career accomplishments, experience in the power industry and dedication to serving as a role model.

Women of the Year nominees are judged in four categories, with the most weight being given to how she advanced the power generation industry. In addition to advancement of the power industry, judges considered the impact the nominees made on their communities, their ability to lead and their success in mentoring others.

The finalists represent both conventional and renewable forms of energy, and each one works in a different facet of the power industry. One commonality among finalists is their commitment to advancing and improving the power industry in North America. Each woman has dedicated her life to working in the traditionally male-dominated field of energy and each woman has exhibited determination to get where she is today.

One of these finalists will be named the 2014 Power-Gen Woman of the Year at the annual awards banquet as part of the POWER-GEN International Conference and Exhibition and the co-located NUCLEAR POWER International Conference and Exhibition, Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America, and the Financial Forum.

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