Introducing the New All Together

The new All Together will meet the demands of today's 24-hour news cycle as well as the growing needs of our diverse membership.
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Welcome to the new All Together!

When All Together first launched, it was with the aim of providing a news and communication platform that would deliver a monthly update on both SWE happenings and the larger engineering community. But plenty has changed since that original launch-the news cycle has shifted to a stream of constant updates, our members' needs have evolved and our presence online has grown exponentially.

So we decided it was time for All Together to undergo a change of its own.

The new All Together will meet the demands of today's 24-hour news cycle as well as the growing needs of our diverse membership. Of course, All Together will continue to serve as the leading news resource for the Society of Women Engineers' membership and corporate partners. It will also provide relevant content which speaks to the advancement of women in STEM fields and the overall increase of diversity and inclusion in all engineering disciplines.

So what's new? The first thing you'll notice is the site's fresh look, which boasts an appealing visual layout, streamlined navigation options and enhanced social media integration. We've improved the comment sections by adding Disqus, making it easier than ever for members to engage in conversations concerning topics we're committed to. And with that enhanced social media integration, you're now only a few clicks away from sharing the stories that matter to you with friends and family. Getting the news is now only the first step-we've made it easier than ever to connect with the larger SWE community and make your voice heard.

All Together will now promote current and relevant information from the Society of Women Engineers while delivering national and international news stories that address or advance women in STEM. Readers will enjoy a variety of resources: professional development opportunities, insightful commentary from leaders in engineering, outreach tools and strategies, timely public policy updates, member spotlights, thought-provoking community discussions and more. Contributors also have some exciting new tools to help them submit and plan content that will help them effectively promote their region or section.

Today's world thrives on connections and a steady stream of information. It's a world where we are constantly interacting with that stream of news that flows alongside our lives. The new All Together is your companion in navigating that stream, delivering the news you need to know about and connecting you with your fellow SWE members to strengthen our collective efforts. A collaboration and a community, the new All Together is both the nexus for all things relevant to SWE and the sum total of our voices in a formless digital world.

All Together: Your news. Your community. Your voice.




Elizabeth Bierman

FY15 SWE President