SWE Leadership Summit Update

Attendees at SWE’s recent Toronto brunch and learn event had the opportunity to network with peers and mentors and expand their skillsξthrough some professional development sessions. This is SWE’s first event in Canada for 2015 and was coordinated in partnership withξProfessional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and theξOntario Society of Professional Engineersξ(OSPE).

SWE’s international programs manager Brooke Switzer said, “It is alwaysξreally fantastic to see such a diverse group of women engineers coming together for events like these. As we do more and more events outside of the U.S., like our upcoming event in Amsterdam, we areξcommunicating to the women in engineering community that we want to take our mission global and impact women engineers all over the world.”


Canada Brunchphoto 6

The event highlight was theξ2025 Engineer panel discussion. The panel was focused on the idea of economic prosperity beingξdependent on innovation and more specifically the advances made in engineering. As a driver of prosperity, the engineering community must continue to adapt to new trends, address new challenges, design and develop new technologies, promote work force diversity and educate the next generation of engineers. This panel, consisting of leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, providedξtheir envisioned future for the practice of engineering, the engineering workforce, new trends in technology, and the skills needed to be successful.


Christine Plourde: Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA), Tetra Society of North America – Fredericton Chapter, Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick

Valerie Davidson; University of Guelph

Diane Freeman; Association of Municipalities of Ontario, City of Waterloo, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA)

Karen Chan; Rogers Communications, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

Learn more about what SWE is working on outside of our North American boarders at sweinternational.swe.org, and don’t forget to check out our attendees in actionξon YouTube.