SWE Heads Into FY16 With Newly Elected Leaders

SWE welcomes its newly elected leaders for FY16 board of directors (BOD), board of trustees, senate leadership, senators and region governors.

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SWE Leadership Summit Update
Results are in!

As SWE prepares for FY16, we are also looking forward to welcoming and continuing on with newly elected leaders. SWE is pleased to share results of the election for its FY16 board of directors (BOD), board of trustees, senate leadership, senators and region governors. The election process went smoothly and was managed by the Nominating Committee and Chair Alyse Stofer, as well as Teller Liz Mancuso.

Below are results for the FY16 election.

  • President-Elect: Jessica Rannow
  • Secretary: Stephanie Loete
  • Directors: Anca Eisele, Mary Perkinson
  • Deputy Director of Regions: Lisa Rimpf
  • Trustees: Angela Nickels, Sandra Lee Postel
  • Speaker of the Senate: Amy Jo Moore
  • Deputy Speaker of the Senate: Karen E. Roth
  • Secretary of the Senate: Kate Hull

Region Governors

  • Region A: Brittney Elko
  • Region C: Hope Toole Schwalls
  • Region E: Libby Taylor
  • Region G: Jamie Tylicki
  • Region I: Jenna Gail Walsh Harpole

The following individuals will continue in their leadership roles based on previous elections:

  • President: Colleen M. Layman
  • Treasurer: Cindy Hoover
  • Directors: Jonna Gerken, Penny Wirsing
  • Director of Regions: Heather Doty
  • Trustees: Ester Barbuto, Marge Inden, Diana Joch, Carolyn F. Phillips

Region Governors

  • Region B: Rachel Morford
  • Region D: Andrea Clewley
  • Region F: Jennifer Lynch
  • Region H: Betty Leonhard
  • Region J: Wendy Jenkins

SWE welcomes Melissa Lindsey as collegiate director serving on the FY16 board of directors. She was selected by the collegiate section presidents during the FY16 collegiate leadership election. This is the second year that the Society Nominating Committee slated candidates for collegiate director and the candidates were included on the collegiate ballot.

The BOD also appointed Timothy Carson as special director for FY16 due to his perspectives to support SWE’s goal for being a globally inclusive organization promoting diversity and inclusion and serving women engineers. Tim comes to SWE while serving as a diversity manager for Rockwell Collins. He is also finishing his second year as a Corporate Partnership Council co-chair.

Senators were also elected for each region during this year’s election. For professional senators, the first person listed is serving the second year of a two-year term; the second person listed was just elected to serve a two-year term.

  • Region A: Liz Buzzard, Pearl Yamaguchi
  • Region B: Justina Mikals, Natalie Vanderspiegel
  • Region C: Stacey Bright Culver, Olivia LeBlanc
  • Region D: Raven Cross, Cassandra L. Bayer
  • Region E: Stephanie Decotiis, P.E., Heather Bernardin
  • Region F: TBD, Cherie Cain
  • Region G: Kathryn (Kate) Kukla, Elisabeth Lahrman
  • Region H: Kalyani Mallela, Dayna Johnson
  • Region I: Tracy Copp, Chriss Chavez
  • Region J: Shaunna Winton, Tamaira Ross
  • International Members: Cec’_lia Breda, Davida Gondohusodo

The International Members elected an alternate professional senator who serves a one-year term.

Alternate Professional Senator

  • International Members: Katherine (Karrie) Trauth

Collegiate Senators were selected during the collegiate elections in March. They also serve one-year terms.

Region Collegiate Senators

  • Region A: Victoria Wee
  • Region B: Carina Hahn
  • Region C: Leslie Zhang
  • Region D: Jessica Jiang
  • Region E: Kimberly Lam
  • Region F: Carolyn Chlebek
  • Region G: Jessica Ann Messick
  • Region H: Abigail Hedlin
  • Region I: Jackie Hernandez
  • Region J: Mindy McCord

Newly elected officials will assume their roles, effective July 1. For additional questions about election results, please contact Marcia Lampela via email at

Join us in wishing all our SWE leaders much success in their new and continuing roles!

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