SWE and IBM Spain Celebrate Women's Day

SWE and IBM Spain partnered to host an interactive day focused on innovation and technology as drivers of talented entrepreneurship.
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SWE and IBM Spain's Women's Day panelists: Angel Moreu, Elisa MartÍn Garijo, Eva GarcÍa Ramos, MarÍa Benjumea, Marta DÍaz Barrera.

In celebration of Women's Day, SWE joined up with IBM Spain at their Client Center in Madrid to host an interactive day focused around innovation and technology as drivers of talented entrepreneurship.

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Women take part in the discussion of innovation and technology during the SWE and IBM Spain panel for Drivers of Talented Entrepreneurship.

The morning kicked off with a welcome address from Carmen Garcia, IBM commerce director and executive sponsor of the Spanish Women Council. Garcia is also director of the IBM Commerce Business Unit, and has spent more than 24 years in the information technology industry, including time spent in various sales positions at IBM, Digital and Hewlett-Packard.

Afterwards, expert panelist took the stage to discuss how innovation and technology has shaped entrepreneurship in Spain and around Europe. Moderated by Anunciaci„n L„pez, CEO of Business Publications Spain, the following panelist shared their stories:

  • MarÍa Benjumea, CEO, Spain Startup
  • Marta DÍaz Barrera, CEO and Founder, Talentoscopio
  • Eva GarcÍa Ramos, CIO, Davalor Salud
  • Elisa MartÍn Garijo, Innovation Director, IBM
  • Angel Moreu, Cloud Director, IBM

The day concluded with a demo of Watson and Cloud in Action, and a presentation that detailed SWE projects going on throughout Europe. More than 90 attendees-both women and men-had the opportunity to connect, share and learn.