The SWE Guide to #TweetChats

Tweets? Hashtags? The Twittersphere? What's it all about? Learn about it all in the SWE Guide to #TweetChats.

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What is a TweetChat?

An organized discussion on Twitter, usually presented in a Q&A format. This discussion is used as a platform for conversation among participants, who chat about current topics related to their personal/business ventures.

SWE hosts each TweetChat with a corporate partner. The goal of this partnership is to align both company’s initiatives-SWE’s mission to support women engineers and women in STEM, along with a related topic relevant to our corporate counterpart.

How do I join a TweetChat?

Simply log on to Twitter during the designated time, search the hashtag assigned to the chat and begin following along.

After introductory Tweets, the TweetChat moderator(s) will deliver questions to the participating audience (that’s you!). Following each question, there will be roughly fifteen minutes for discussion before the next question is posted.

Feel free to chime in at any time with your answers and replies. And remember, you can help us make the most of our TweetChats by ensuring your tweets respond in some way to the current question, which will help us ensure everything progresses as smoothly as possible.

Why do we use Hashtags in a TweetChat?

  • To identify the conversation in the ‘TwitterSphere.’
  • To more easily allow people to join the conversation.
  • To guide and logistically track the conversation.

When is it appropriate to use Hashtags in a TweetChat?

Anytime you’re actively Tweeting and participating in the conversation. Of course, we’re only working with 140 characters, which means hashtags are secondary to content. In other words, just focus on your content first and the hashtag second. And if you can’t fit that hashtag in, don’t sweat it! It’s the discussion that matters.

Why should I join a TweetChat?

Visibility. A TweetChat is a great way to get your brand and its initiatives involved in the larger conversation that are relevant to you and your company. TweetChats are good for sparking conversations and getting the related content out there on the Twittersphere.

TweetChats are an excellent opportunity to expand your network and strengthen relationships. They’re also great for providing or obtaining quick and easy feedback on a product, campaign, or just about anything you or your business is looking for insight into.

Interested in joining us? Check out our list of our upcoming TweetChats. Make sure to follow @SWEtalk and watch for the hashtag #AskSWE to stay up to date!

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