The Next MacGyver Competition

The Next MacGyver Competition gives women the opportunity to become superheroes and show the world that women are relevant in the engineering.

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SWE Leadership Summit Update

the next macgyver competition, society of women engineersThe Next MacGyver Competition is giving women the opportunity to become superheroes but more importantly, it’s simultaneously showing the world that women are relevant in the engineering and technology communities.

Rarely do we see a show based on women, let alone a Hollywood-produced TV show based solely on a woman engineer! The Next MacGyver competition is just that. Along with numerous partners, Lee Zlotoff, award winning writer, producer and director of film and television, have set out in search of The Next Female MacGyver, in the form of this very competition.

“The Next MacGyver Competition is focused on catalyzing the next great TV show that will excite young women into engineering.” says The competition includes 12 finalists, who submit ideas for TV that showcase their own talents in engineering.

The competition is specifically looking for a woman who can take MacGyver and the Women In Engineering concept to the next level. They’re searching for that one brilliant idea that propels the next female (read: engineer) superhero onto the TV screen.

This competition proves such importance for us here at SWE. For more than six decades we’ve worked tirelessly to provide a voice and a place for women in engineering. Events like The Next MacGyver give a platform to our community; and provides us the occasion to let the world know that we fully support this initiative, as we continue paving the way for women engineers.

Penny Wirsing, SWE BOD – Director of Emerging Initiatives, will be attending the competition’s Top 12 Signature Event on July 28th. She’ll be live-tweeting throughout the experience and cover pertinent happenings during the likes of the competition.

To keep up with what’s going on at The Next MacGyver, follow Penny on Twitter: @plwirsing. Today from 2-6p Pacific Time.

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