A Day in the Life of an Engineering Collegiate

Sneak a peak into Sara Wortman's typical day. Sara is pursuing an Industrial & Systems Engineering major and balances her time with a healthy mix of work and play.

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SWE Leadership Summit Update

Sara Wortman is a 3rd year Industrial & Systems Engineering major at the University of Florida. She is also pursuing the Sustainability and the Built Environment minor the university offers. She is involved in the Institute of Industrial Engineers, where she is the current Mentor & Mentee (M&M) Program Coordinator. Through this position she pairs mentors and mentees together at the beginning of each semester, plans and host professional events and socials, and works with the P&G sponsors to coordinate budgets and plan events with representatives. In addition to pairing college mentors and mentees, she works with the Young Alumni Advisory Board to pair “Big” Mentors with pairs of M&M students. When asked what she wants to do with her degrees Sara says, “The best part of my major is that it is very flexible and allows for many different paths. However this is also a challenging part! I’m very interested in the healthcare, logistics, and construction industries, but my dream job would involve working for a non-profit.” Read Sara’s ‘Day in the Life’ to see how she balances her time while taking summer classes at UF.

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