Building Up to Create a Better Community

WE15 is fast approaching. One topic to keep on the forefront of your mind is the impact engineers have on society and how you can create a better community.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

As the SWE national conference is fast approaching, one topic to keep on the forefront of our minds is our impact as engineers (especially as women) in society and how it affects the community we live in. We are building up to create a better community. The work that we do impacts the lives of others every single day. Whether it’s creating new technological advances in pace makers, to designing new and safer roads, the work we do as engineers affects every person we meet in some way. Another great way that we can reach out to people in the community we live in is by being involved, and not just in our careers, but by having a sense of involvement in the area we live or work.

Becoming involved in your community means exploring new places, meeting new people, and caring about the future development of the community as a whole. Being involved is necessary to developing professionalism, speech, teamwork, and partnership skills that are crucial when it comes time to interview for your first job, or for a new position in the future. It also helps to bridge more of the gap between simply working, and actually seeing the impact that the work has on the people and community around you.

The impact that we make every day is even greater as more women enter into the workforce. Women bring new ideas and different perspectives than their male counterparts. As more women enter into STEM fields, our community improvements become that much more advanced, diverse, different, and prosperous in a good way. Women offer a new insight on problems that inspires the generation of new ideas.

Engineering is everywhere, and will continue to be a part of our life forever. Therefore, the more diversity and perspectives we can bring into creating new and improved ideas and technologies, the better our products, services, and project successes will be. The more that women are involved in their careers and communities, the more we can come together to inspire more individuals to join in on the great advances STEM fields are creating today. Always remember to #BeThatEngineer that makes a difference. Embrace your differences. You never know what kind of impact it will make!

Allie Jurvelin, Society of Women Engineers

Allie Jurvelin

SWE Outreach Committee Member