Ingersoll Rand and SWE – All Together

It's official! Tomorrow marks the first of our three consecutive TweetChats leading up to the WE15 conference. Sponsored by Ingersoll Rand and SWE.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

Ingersoll Rand, Society of Women Engineers, WE15Ingersoll Rand and SWE

It’s official! Tomorrow marks the first of our three consecutive Tweetchats leading up to conference. Each year, we choose topics to discuss as they pertain to conference.

Tomorrow’s Tweetchat is with Ingersoll Rand. “We inspire progress through unleashing the potential in people and technologies to advance the quality of life.” (source: Ingersoll Rand)

Join @SWEtalk and @IR_Careers on Twitter tomorrow at 12 noon Central Time, to discuss Networking 101 at WE15.

Make sure to visit Ingersoll Rand at Booth #649 in Nashville. And catch their female engineering leaders that will be at conference:

Dr. Donna Staarup Bossman, Katie Boor, Lycinda McDaniel, Audrey Mills and Katie Davis, PE.

Here’s a sneak peak at the Questions we’ll be asking you tomorrow.

Question 1: How do you plan to prioritize WE15’s multiple employer suites? #AskSWE cc: @IngersollRand

Question 2: Are you networking with a group or do you plan to approach companies solo? #AskSWE

Question 3: What topics does your elevator pitch include? #AskSWE

Question 4: WE15’s networking is structured for speed rounds – how do you plan to keep your energy up? #AskSWE

Question 5: How do you plan to follow up with your company prospects, after you’ve networked at WE15? #AskSWE


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