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SWE's Outreach Committee is committed to sending "news you can use" for your SWE Outreach program each month.
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news you can use, outreach, society of women engineersMy name is Mary Zeis. I am the Chair-Elect of SWE's Outreach Committee.

Each month SWE's Outreach Committee is committed to sending you "news you can use" for your section, region, affiliate or MAL Outreach program. The vast majority of the girls and parents and educators who SWE impacts is because of YOUR programs. Thank you for advocating for the next generation of women engineers!

In this issue, we will detail SWE's Outreach Goals, provide insights for volunteer opportunities at conference (WE15) and provide you our new and improved resources on our Outreach page on SWE's website.

SWE Outreach Goals

  1. SWENext Goal: 2500 girls signed up (currently at 1044 girls)
  2. Outreach Metric Tool Goal: 750 entries (which is about 2 entries per section)

How you can help us achieve these goals ... ask your audience these questions:

SWENext - A Way for Girls to Become Part of SWE

  1. Have you heard about SWENext? SWENext is a way for girls 18 and younger to be involved with SWE. It is an online club and is totally free.
  2. The girls are sent up-to-date information about Outreach events, a periodic, biweekly, at-home science/engineering activity they can do with everyday materials, best practices on applying for scholarships, and invitations to participate in quarterly webinars with women engineers.

We believe we can achieve our goal of 2500 girls signed up if every section shares the SWENext information with at least 10 people outside of SWE, such as teachers, parents, students, girl scouts, etc. We believe this will result in at least 3 sign-ups per section.

Outreach Metric Tool - Report Your Outreach

  1. Have you entered your Outreach events into the Outreach Metric Tool?
  2. The Outreach Metric Tool (OMT) is a Survey Monkey online questionnaire. It was created by the Outreach Committee to measure key data on the K-12 Outreach done by SWE members. The survey is easy to use, and the questions are short. Many questions use check-box or drop-down menus to save time.

Last year, we had 495 entries in the Outreach Metric Tool. This year, the goal is 750 entries.

You can learn more about the Outreach Metric Tool on the Outreach website at this link, here.

You can report your Outreach on the SurveyMonkey tool at this link tool.

Volunteer Contest for Invent It. Build It. at WE15 in Nashville

Invent It. Build It. (IIBI) is a hands-on Outreach event for middle school girls and their parents/educators that is held each year on the Saturday of SWE's annual conference. This year's IIBI will be held at WE15 on Saturday, October 24th, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Nashville's Music City Center.

Last year over 200 volunteers came out to Invent It. Build It. This represented a ratio of three middle school girls to every SWE volunteer. While this was a fantastic turn out, we want to do even better.

So, we are having a contest among regions. At the IIBI Event, we will have volunteers sign in and sign out at the Volunteer Registration Table. At the end of the event, the region with the most volunteer hours will win! The 1st Place Region will win 30 Agilent kits for their future Outreach events. The 2nd Place Region will win 20 Agilent kits.

New this year: 3-hour shifts for Role Models! (This is in response to feedback that the Role Model shift has been too long in past years.) The role model is among the most powerful ingredients in helping a girl make the decision to pursue engineering.

Be part of our positive movement and sign up and encourage others to volunteer!! The volunteer page can be found here: societyofwomenengineers.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=9916.

*Volunteers can sign up for multiple shifts and are encouraged to support IIBI all day if possible.

Updated Outreach website with a new and improved Outreach Tool Kit

In response to feedback, we've updated the Outreach website. It is even easier to find the resources you need to run a successful Outreach event. From our site go to K-12 Outreach and then click on Outreach Tool Kit.

Here are just a few of the resources you'll find:

  1. Under "Prepare for Your Program", you'll find an Event Planning Worksheet, along with links to Grant Funding, Insurance Coverage, How to Run a Parents and Educators Program, and Voices From the Field Webinars.
  2. Under "Create Your Team", you'll find a Roles and Responsibilities Guide.
  3. Under "Plan Your Program", you'll find links to hands-on activities you can have the girls do, to Eventbrite (a way to register your participants) and to VolunteerLocal (a way to sign up your volunteers).
  4. Under "Assessment Made Easy", you'll find a step-by-step approach to create your event survey, and the link to report your Outreach using the Outreach Metric Tool.

If you ever have any questions about Outreach, please contact Outreach Program Manager: Randy Freedman at randy.freedman@swe.org.

Thanks, again, for the Outreach you do.

Mary Zeis, Society of Women Engineers

See you next month,

Mary T. Zeis

SWE Outreach Committee - Chair-Elect