#SWEScholar: Share Your SWE Scholarship Story

Have you received a scholarship from SWE? If you have, you're a #SWEScholar. Share your accomplishments and inspire the future generation of engineers.

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SWE Leadership Summit Update

Have you received a scholarship from SWE? Well if you have, you’re a #SWEScholar. As we enter the new year in SWE we want to highlight your accomplishments and look forward to joining you along your journey to be that engineer. We want to share your story and inspire the next generation of women engineers.

We challenge you to take a #SWEScholar Selfie on campus, in the lab, at work, or in the field. Tag your social media posts with #SWEScholar and tell us more about your academic and career pursuits, how you earned your scholarship and what’s next in your story.

This is a great way to connect with other accomplished women engineers such as you! Stay tuned for challenges and ways to connect at SWE Events such as WE15.

Thank you for contributing to our thriving community of women engineers and supporters! Join the conversation by using the hashtag #SWEScholar, and don’t forget to tag @SWEtalk too!

Ester Barbuto, Society of Women EngineersEster Barbuto

Secretary of Board of Trustees (BOT)

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