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SWE Scholarships Funds Boosted by Comedian John Oliver

An episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver named SWE as one of the largest sources of scholarships for women. As a result, SWE scholarships raised $50,000 in a month.
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A year ago this week, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, named the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) as one of the largest sources of scholarships for women. The response from those who saw the show was overwhelming. In less than a month $50,000 was raised for scholarships by new donors.

Of this $50,000 donated, these donors were not SWE members and likely had not heard of SWE before John Oliver’s show. The impact was great. The funds raised from John Oliver’s show went to scholarships, which are now being used by women in undergraduate and graduate level engineering and technology programs throughout the United States.

In 2015, SWE distributed $667,050 in scholarships and supported 219 women in their pursuit of engineering degrees. During a time when the cost for education continues to increase, these scholarships were vital.

Yet, women and girls continue to need pathways to enter and succeed in STEM fields. Due to lack of support, many girls disengage with STEM subjects by the 8th grade. Those who continue past 12th grade often drop STEM majors in college. The few women who graduate college with a STEM degree, and especially one in engineering, face a gender-biased job market. Finally, women in professional engineering positions regularly encounter diversity and inclusion issues within the workforce.

To address these needs, SWE is committed to supporting women and girls to aspire, advance, and achieve in engineering and technology.

SWE runs a national, K-12 outreach program for girls in school, provides mentoring and scholarship to women in college, and enables women within the workforce to succeed through networking and professional development opportunities (learn more at: In addition, SWE provides, resources, tools, and education for over 75 corporations committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the workforce.

Please make a gift today, by visiting the website and support SWE’s work as the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology.


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