SWE Board of Directors Meeting

Read a brief summary of the latest SWE Board of Directors meeting.

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SWE Leadership Summit Update

Summary of the latest Board of Directors Meeting

The most recent Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was held in Omaha, NE on July 17-18, 2015

Governance Path Forward The Director of Strategic Initiatives, Penny Wirsing, led a discussion on how to start working towards developing the 3 to 5 year transition plan to phase in all approved findings of the consultant. Prior to this meeting, the Senate, Region Governance team, and BOD all had a chance to review and discuss the recommendations from the governance task force.

Watch for more details soon on this developing effort.

ERG/CPC discussion

The Director of Membership Initiatives, Jonna Gerken, reviewed the discussion from select members of the Corporate Partnership Council (CPC) who have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with very strong relationships with SWE. Best practices and testimonials will be shared throughout the year.

Nominating Committee and SWE Competency Model A discussion was held with Cheryl Manning, Chair of the Society Nominating Committee, and Kelly Schable, Deputy Chair of the Society Nominating Committee, reviewing the current process and the leadership competency model. It was a wide ranging discussion about how to make sure to get the best people with the right skill sets into SWE leadership roles.

SWENext The Director of Advocacy, Mary Perkinson, gave everyone an update on the progress of SWENext, its growth, and the pilot programs that are in process to identify the initiatives SWENexters are most interested in. Priority this year will be given to promoting and growing the program.

Joint BOD/BOT meeting The Board of Trustees (BOT) and Board of Directors held a joint meeting including introductions and an overview of BOT interactions in and outside of SWE.

Region Conference Strategic Planning Peter Finn, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Learning Officer, provided an update on the region conference task force as they started to flesh out details for future region conference planning.

Strategic Planning Process overview Jessica Rannow, President Elect, presented an overview of the SWE Strategic Planning Process for the coming year and guided a discussion finalizing the FY16 Scorecard.

Joint Meeting with RG The BOD held a discussion with the Region Governance team centered on potential gaps and improvements for mentoring and pipeline issues as related to the governance path forward discussion. All these governance discussions are connected and will continue throughout the year.

HQ Update Karen Horting, Executive Director, presented an update from SWE Headquarters. SWE magazine was honored with 4 APEX awards for publication excellence. Preparations for WE15 are on track and about ~250 professional development sessions were selected from 800 submitted proposals. SWE HQ staffing was reviewed following some recent restructuring and some new HQ positions added in the FY16 budget. The latest news on SWE’s international activities was reviewed including plans for WE Europe and WE India in 2016.

Volunteer Recognition Heather Doty, Director of Regions, brought up a discussion on improvements that could be made for more formal, ongoing volunteer recognition. The idea was widely supported and there was some brainstorming of possible implementation options. It will be revisited following some offline research.

LCC Procedure Jessica Rannow presented the Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC) procedure for discussion following the recent combination of the Leadership Coaching and Collegiate Leadership Coaching into one committee. Some suggestions were provided on what information to include, and the procedure will go back to the committee for their review, approval, and adoption.

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