Grab Your Future, Inspire STEM Education

By 2018 the number of jobs requiring STEM education is expected to grow by 17 percent. WE15 lays the groundwork for that growth.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

Grab Your Future

A contributor post by Cara Adams, Sr. Project Engineer, Race Tire Development

Bridgestone Americas, Inc./Firestone Racing

Cara Adams, Society of Women Engineers, Bridgestone Cara Adams, Society of Women Engineers, Bridgestone






When Cara Adams approached SWE looking for opportunities to provide a little extra insight to the attendees of WE15, we thought what better place than AllTogether. With her experience developing road and street course tires, including those used in the Indianapolis 500, we knew she has plenty of wisdom to impart! Plus, Cara has received some great accolades, including the Greater Akron Chamber’s ’30 for the Future’ Award, the Akron Women of Professional Excellence Award, and the United Way ‘Volunteers who Inspire by Example’ award, in addition to being featured by the Tire Industry Association as one of their “Women to Watch in the Tire Industry.”

Let’s see what she has to say heading into WE15…

To me, Nashville is an ideal location for an in-depth discussion about our profession. The city is rapidly growing. Everywhere you look, you see signs that Nashville is building the infrastructure needed to support its bright future.

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As engineering students and professionals, we are preparing for our own bright future. By 2018, the number of jobs requiring STEM education is expected to grow by 17 percent. We need to lay the groundwork for that growth, now. That’s where WE15 comes in.

The conference agenda offers something for everyone, from high school students to seasoned professionals. Take advantage of the wisdom, experience, creativity and enthusiasm gathered here, and I guarantee you’ll walk away inspired by and energized about the state of engineering and its infinite possibilities.

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WE15 offers something even more important than work sessions and panel discussions: the opportunity to network with professional peers.

Learning from others made a tremendous difference in my career. As a young engineer, I was determined to combine my educational background with my love for racing. I was fortunate to find a number of mentors who taught me, supported me and encouraged me to push boundaries, so I could fuse my passion with my career.

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And that’s why we’re here. To learn, yes, but also to make the connections that could put us on the path to our dream job – or at least inspire us in our current one. Reach Out to Reach Up captures the spirit of SWE’s mission and of our time together in Nashville.

As women in a male-dominated industry, we sometimes stick out a bit. But here in Music City Center, we’re surrounded by women who share our drive and passion. I hope you’ll make as much time as possible to talk with others in your field – or one you want to pursue. Ask questions. Ask for advice. Ask to hear stories of challenges along with successes. Being inquisitive is essential to engineering excellence, and there’s no better place to satisfy your curiosity than here.

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Let’s do our best to learn, to share and to cheer each other on. The engineering profession is wide open, and it’s ours for the taking.

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