SWE Section Spotlight: UMBC SWE

This week's SWE Section Spotlight is UMBC SWE of Region E.
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SWE Section Spotlight: UMBC SWE

Meet this week’s SWE Section Spotlight: UMBC SWE of Region E.

When we recruited UMBC SWE we asked them to highlight their events. Here is the section’s exciting review of their Women Empowerment Seminar: A talk by Miss America 2014.

Women Empowerment: A talk by Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri

Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri

Thursday, March 3, 2016 @5pm-8pm

UMBC University Center Ballroom

Nina will speak regarding her experiences with stereotypes and STEM education

Nina will spread the importance of fighting stereotypes as it relates back into the small percentage of women in the engineering field.We are hoping to have Julia Ross, the first female Dean of Engineering, as an opening speaker for the event.In addition, it will advertise and make UMBC SWE more well known within the UMBC community aswell as other local SWE universities/colleges chapters.

“Planning for the Miss America and obtaining funding for it took a great deal of effort and time commitments. However, after going through all of that with the support of our Executive board members of the UMBC SWE chapter, we are happy to announce that our SGA has approved to help us fund for a big event.” says a UMBC Section Representative.

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  • SWE Section Spotlight: UMBC SWE

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