Updated SWE Finance Resources

SWE's Finance Committee reminds treasurers and those responsible for section or region finances about the resources available on swe.org under SWE Resources.

SWE Leadership Summit Update

Updated Finance Resources

The Finance Committee would like to remind treasurers and other individuals responsible for section, region, or MAL finances of the finance resources available on the SWE website, www.swe.org, under the “SWE Resources” link. These resources are provided to help you be more effective in your role. The key document every SWE treasurer should have on hand and use as a resource is the Finance Manual. The manual was updated in July 2014 and can be found on the website by searching “Finance Manual v3.0a”.

Another document added to the resources page in 2014 is the “Region/Section/MAL Generic Financial Assessment Committee Procedure”. This procedure is a step by step process for completing an assessment of your section’s finances.

The finance committee also conducted several webinars which are available on the SWE website. Members can access these webinars through the SWE Resources page when logged into the website. These previously recorded webinars can be found through a search. The available trainings are:

  • SWE Treasurer Training (10/2013)
  • SWE, Your EIN, and the IRS Training (10/2013)

As a reminder, sections should expect to file their e-postcard by November 15th with the IRS. Failure to complete this document can result in your section losing your non-profit status and owing fees to the federal government.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please, send them to the Finance Committee Chair, Stephanie Gillespie, at finance-chair@swe.org. We plan to continue trainings and update our documents so any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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