SWE's Top Ten Webinars of 2015

The Society of Women Engineers celebrates the signing of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) as STEM education topics are nurtured in the bill.
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Society of Women Engineers' Top Ten Webinars of the Year for Professional Development

Drumroll pleaseŠ—_ SWE's Top Ten Webinars of 2015 are:

10 How to Navigate Through Workplaces Shaped by Subtle Bias Š—– First, this webinar outlines the types of gender bias found in the workplace to help you identify it, and then it gives you tools to deal with it.

9 Taking Control of Your Life - Professional women are pulled in many directions, and there's not enough time in the day. In this webinar, author Dorie Clark shares strategies for how to prioritize what really matters and get the maximum impact from the choices you make.

8 Five Common Mistakes That Minimize Our Pay and How to Avoid Them - In this webinar learn what impacts your pay and how to negotiate for a raise.

7 They Don't Teach Corporate in College - This one-hour webinar will help twenty-somethings improve their on-the-job behavior and communication. You'll understand the importance of the professional image you project at work.

6 Transforming Your STEM Career - Dr. Pamela McCauley delivers a passionate speech on how women engineers may seek, accept and excel in leadership today.

5 Stand Out: How to be Recognized for Your Ideas Š—– This webinar explains how to identify and develop ideas that will make a difference for your organization, build a reputation for you as an expert and organize support so that your ideas make an impact.

4 The Lies of the Imposter Complex and the Truth of the Soul Š—– Learn about the 12 lies of the Impostor Complex. They hold us back and prevent us from doing our best work.

3 Following Up: Strategic and Creative Ways to Reach Back Š—– This webinar teaches you the best ways to follow-up after meeting a new contact.

2 From Confrontation to Collaboration: Reframing our View of Conflict Š—– Learn a step-by-step approach to having a difficult conversation.

1 The Future of Work to 2030 Š—– The most popular webinar of the year explains how the global workplace, organizations, and employees will change in the next 10 to 20 years so that you can be in an excellent position to be both productive and competitive in the workforce of tomorrow.

Visit SWE's Advance Learning Center for more information on these webinars and others. Enjoy a live webinar or replay any existing one at your convenience. They are free to all SWE members, and a great way to enhance your professional development.