SWE Outreach: News You Can Use, Volume 3

Topics from SWE Outreach include how to win money for your section and how to run a parents or educators program.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

Each month SWE’s Outreach Committee is committed to sending you “news you can use” for your Outreach program.

Your programs make a difference in the lives of girls and boys. Thank you for advocating for the next generation of women engineers!

In this issue:

  1. How to Run a Parents and/or Educators Program (PEP) – Resources available
  1. Wow! Innovation Challenge #2 – Win money for your section!
  1. “Voices from the Field” Webinar Schedule – Learn from other members
  1. Program Development Grant – Easier than ever and money is still available!
  1. SWE Outreach Goals and Links

  1. How to Run a Parents and/or Educators Program (PEP)

What do the parents do between dropping their kids off at your Outreach event and then picking them up at the end? Why not have a “Parents Track” at your next event so that the parents can stay and have fun, too?

A Parents program can help parents understand engineering, and how to encourage and support their children as they explore engineering as a career. It typically includes a panel discussion or two, and a hands-on activity that the parents can practice and then take home to do with their kids.

You can learn more about how to run a Parents and Educators Program on the SWE Outreach website. The resources include a program checklist, a schedule template, proposed panelist questions, and suggested hands-on activities for the parents. You can find the PEP module and resources here.

  1. Wow! Innovation Challenge #2 – Win money for your section!—å—å The Wow! Innovation Challenge recognizes the innovative Outreach techniques being used by sections and MALs throughout SWE. Challenges will be held periodically throughout the year, and each will focus on a different aspect of K-12 Outreach event planning and execution. The winning section or MAL will receive a $500 Outreach stipend and recognition on SWE social media. —å—åChallenge #1 was won by the University of Pittsburgh section. You can see/listen to their winning submission for “How to Recruit Participants for Outreach Events” here.

Wow! Innovation Challenge #2 is now open. Here’s the challenge: “Enhancing Your Programming with a Parent/Educator Program (PEP). Parents and educators have a profound impact on K-12 students and their chosen career paths. How do you plan and execute an outreach program for parents & educators?”

How to Apply: Submit a video, PowerPoint, or Snapguide with your creative approach to the challenge topic. The most points will be awarded for video content. Submit all videos with a YouTube link. Supporting media such as event photos and/or agendas are recommended, but not required. Winning applications will clearly communicate an original, creative approach to this challenge. Solutions should be easily replicated by others.

Send content to Kate Nolan no later than January 31, 2016. Good luck!

  1. Voices from the Field Webinar Schedule – Learn from other members

Voices from the Field (VFF) are monthly webinars where members share their real-world experiences running Outreach events. Each month is a different topic.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming webinars:

January 27 Introducing Parents to Engineering

February 24 AVAILABLE

March 30 Benefits of SWE for the Next Generation

April 22 Applying for Outreach Awards

May 25 How to Plan and Execute an “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”


Watch your email for an invitation to January’s Voices from the Field.

Follow these instructions to view past Voices from the Field webinars.

Do you have a Best Practice to share? To present a topic of your own, sign up now.

  1. Program Development Grants – Easier than ever and money is still available!

The next best thing to running Outreach events is finding funding for them!

SWE’s Program Development Grants (PDG) committee has been working hard over the last few years to make it easier for SWE members to access project funding for activities that meet the Society’s strategic objectives of Advocacy, Professional Excellence, and Globalization.

Last year, PDG funded nearly $125,000 in 82 requests. The goal for FY16 is $185,000 and 100 requests. In order to accomplish that, we need to reduce the amount of time it takes to fund projects.

The process needed to be simplified to enable both Submitters and Reviewers to easily understand what is being requested versus allowed. Those process criteria are laid out in the updated details on the PDG webpage. Faster flow means faster approvals.

Starting immediately, all requests for funding are to be submitted online here. This will tighten up the process a little by ensuring all of the required information is provided the first time.

Effective January 1, 2016, submittals that meet certain criteria will be cycled through an express review cycle that does not require waiting until the monthly review call for approval. Those criteria include:

  • 250 or less funded participants
  • $5,000 or less being funded, and
  • Enrollment in e-pay through bill.com, SWE’s preferred online banking provider (contact Philip.Thakadiyil@swe.org for more information).

All other proposals will queue into the monthly cycle that is shown on the PDG webpage, with a call on the 4th Monday of each month for review by committee members. Enrollment in bill.com may shorten the disbursement cycle following approvals made at this review, but will not guarantee your proposal can be short cycled.

Help us meet our FY16 goal of funding 100 grants for $185,000 by submitting your requests early and often!!

Contact pdg-chair@swe.org with any questions.

  1. SWE Outreach Goals and Links

The SWE Board of Directors has two Outreach goals on their scorecard this fiscal year.

– SWENext Goal: 2500 students (18 years and younger) signed up.

Currently at 2249 students.

Please continue distributing the SWENext flyer at your Outreach events. You can learn more about SWENext at swenext.swe.org.

– Outreach Metric Tool Goal: 750 entries.

Currently at 244 entries.

Have you run a K-12 STEM Outreach event this fiscal year? Have you entered the event into the Outreach Metric Tool?—å—åReport your Outreach here. It’s quick and easy to do. Thanks!

If you ever have any questions about Outreach, please contact us at randyfreedman@swe.org.

Thanks, again, for the Outreach you do.

See you next month!


Mary T. Zeis

SWE Outreach Committee – Chair-Elect




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