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SWE’s eLearning Modules Prep Members for Advocacy

SWE's eLearning modules that provide an introduction to SWE Advocacy as well as tools and resources to assist in becoming a vocal champion for SWE.

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SWE's eLearning Modules Prep Members for Advocacy

SWE Introduces eLearning Modules as Part of Our Why Advocate Series

A few months ago, we started the “Why Advocate” series on All Together with a mission to inspire members to be advocates for initiatives that are important to them, and to provide the tools to encourage our members to be actionable. You can be an advocate for just about anything you are passionate about, but you don’t necessarily have to have your own cause to become an advocate. As a member and/or supporter of SWE, you can simply advocate for what SWE does, every day!

To help get you started, SWE recently introduced two eLearning modules that provide an introduction to SWE Advocacy as well as tools and resources to assist in becoming a vocal champion for SWE. SWE Advocacy 101 provides an overview of the mission and goals of SWE, giving users the tools and resources they need to support STEM education and women in science and tech in their communities. SWE Advocacy 201 is a training tool for those interested in getting involved as an advocate in public policy on the congressional level.

“Advocacy is an important initiative within the Society, and we want to make sure that our members have access to tools and resources that will help them become an effective advocate,” said Mary Perkinson, director of advocacy at SWE. “There is a lot of interest in advocacy among our membership, and these modules are great resources to help get members started.”

Here’s a brief look at both the modules and how members can benefit from each one:

SWE Advocacy 101

SWE Advocacy 101 provides insight on advocacy at the basic level – providing members information on how they can advocate themselves. The module provides the missions and goals of SWE advocacy in addition to the various programs and services. It provides direction on how you speak to your audience, whether that be women, future engineers, K-12, etc., and how you can utilize your own story to support your advocacy efforts. The module helps identify your role in advocacy as well as venues where you can speak out and spread the message.

SWE Advocacy 201

SWE Advocacy 201 focuses on efforts in Washington, DC, giving members a look at the Governmental Relations and Public Policy (GRPP) Committee and how they, too, can get involved. The module provides an introduction to various tools and resources for advocating including tips for communicating with Congress by email, phone and meeting in-person.

SWE Advocacy 201 identifies how advocates can speak to congress on matters of STEM education, women in science and technology and Title IX. This module provides an overview of the STEM landscape – misconceptions, gender bias, statistics, inaccurate beliefs, and expectations and pressures women face outside of work – to better prepare members to speak confidently and factually in front of our legislative leaders. The module outlines how congress works, the legislative process and roles of congressional staff members. SWE Advocacy 201 prepares members by demonstrating how SWE’s mission ties into the STEM landscape, including SWE’s position statements on Title IX, STEM education, the need for a U.S. Technologically-Literate Workforce, equal opportunity and affirmative action.

SWE Advocacy 201 also covers Capitol Hill Day – an opportunity for SWE members to get involved in public policy right in Washington D.C. The module provides an overview of what Capitol Hill Day is, where members fit in and how members go about setting up appointments to meet with their Senators and Representatives to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM fields.

SWE’s Advocacy e-Learning modules came just in time to gear up for Capitol Hill Day, March 2, 2016. Members interested in taking advantage of these useful e-Learning modules can download them in SWE’s Advance Learning Center here.



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