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SWE Leadership Summit Update

Engineers Week and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day are this month!

With DiscoverE’s Engineers Week (February 21 – 27) and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (February 25) just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of the role models who are making a difference.

Do you remember when you first began to realize that engineering was a potential career path? Do you remember what that felt like? You probably experienced some combination of excitement, empowerment, anticipation and uncertainty. You might also have been a little scared. It’s hard to imagine not feeling all of those things. And that’s where a role model can make all the difference.

We’ve all had that special person in our lives who, at the time, seems like a guardian angel. They show up at a critical moment and take an interest in us. They recognize our talent, our intelligence and our drive, they boost our confidence and they inspire us. And they do it in the most convincing way possible. Not by telling you what can be achieved but by leading by example – because they are already there doing it!

By sharing your time, energy and enthusiasm for engineering you are giving young girls and boys the opportunity to learn about an exciting and fulfilling career. And you are changing lives. We’d like you to meet some of those whose lives have been changed:

  • Meet Sarah Mihm, an aerospace engineering major at Iowa State University. She attended a Girl Day event at Rockwell Collins while in the 8th grade that set her on the path to becoming an engineer.
  • Meet Victoria Ibarra another Girl Day alum who attended her first event when she was 10 years old. Now an architectural engineering major at UT/Austin, she recognizes that, as she moves through her career, part of her responsibility – and passion – is to help empower the next generation of engineers.DiscoverE - Victoria
  • Meet LaTisha Durham, an engineer for the United States Navy. She didn’t have a lot of engineering role models when she was growing up. In fact, because she was good at math, she assumed she’d wind up in accounting. Today, LaTisha is committed to doing her part to ensure that girls with engineering talent are not overlooked. DiscoverE - LaTisha

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is one of those special days that celebrates, connects and inspires.

At venues all across the country, companies, schools, libraries, boys & girls clubs and other local groups and organizations host hands-on, immersive events where young girls spend the day with role models who show them what engineering is all about. And these girls learn in the best way possible-by doing.

Sign up today to be a Girl Day role model. And visit our website at There you will find a Girl Day Planning Guide, a self-guided training on how to effectively talk to girls about engineering, and activities you can use in your next outreach event.

Remember that role model who changed your life? Now is the chance to hand off that torch to the next generation. And one day that young woman will say, “I don’t know why she took such an interest in me, but I’m glad she did. It changed my life.”

And while you’re visiting, keep the momentum going by taking part in the Global Marathon By, For And About Women in Engineering, happening in March. It’s a free, three-day, virtual conference and networking opportunity for women in engineering and technology that transcend borders, age, and professional and personal experiences. There are a host of opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

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