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SWE Outreach is committed to sending you "news you can use" for your STEM Outreach programs.
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SWE’s Outreach Committee is committed to sending you “news you can use” for your STEM Outreach programs. SWE members across the country and around the world are changing the future through STEM Outreach. Every girl you inspire and every parent you educate will make a difference in creating and supporting the next generation of women engineers.

In this issue:

  1. Update on SWENext – SWE Members can join to see what’s going on
  2. SWE Outreach Incubator on Facebook – Join and get your Outreach questions answered
  3. VolunteerLocal – Have you tried this free website to manage your volunteers?
  4. SWE Outreach Goals and Links

Update on SWENext

SWEet Advice for SWENexters: Applying for College We’ve met our goal of signing up 2500 SWENexters! We have 2509 signed up as of February 11th. And that’s just the beginning.

New! Listen to a SWENext podcast. It’s on iTunes – search Podcasts using key word “Diverse”.

New! Curious about what SWENexters see? SWE members can sign up to get the SWENext mailings at swenext.swe.org under the “Form for Adults”.

New! We have SWENext mini-flyers in color and black & white that you can download at swenext.swe.org. Save printing costs by using the mini-flyers and/or the black & white flyers at your Outreach event.

Please continue to encourage the pre-college girls you interact with to become a part of SWE by joining SWENext for free.

And we are working to expand the program further. Here are some ideas we are developing:

  • A SWENext Facebook Community for high school juniors and seniors. This will be a great forum for the girls to ask our SWE Members, especially Collegiates, for advice on colleges, majors, course work, etc.
  • Resources and guidance to SWENexters who want to form a SWENext club in their area.
  • SWENext Awards for outstanding SWENexters, to be given at future WE conferences.

The sky’s the limit on what SWENext can become as it grows. Stay tuned!

SWE Outreach Incubator on Facebook

FacebookAs a SWE Outreach practitioner, we would like to invite you to join our closed Facebook Group, the SWE Outreach Incubator.

This group is a place where SWE members can share outreach ideas, ask questions, share resources, and collaborate on ideas. We also encourage you to share your events, post pictures, videos, best practices, and quotes from your participants.

Join the group here.

The group will be moderated by the SWE Outreach Committee, so someone will always be there to help and share resources. Feel free to invite other SWE members to join the group.

VolunteerLocal.com – An easy way to manage volunteer sign-up

VolunteerLocal - logo stackedHave you tried VolunteerLocal to manage your volunteer sign-up?

VolunteerLocal provides an online service for anyone who needs to organize, manage, schedule and communicate with volunteers. The Free Plan includes unlimited jobs, shifts, and volunteers, printable reports, custom registration fields, and exporting volunteer information to an Excel spreadsheet.

If you are having an event with more than 10 volunteers, or with multiple shifts, it is definitely worth it. It is so much better than chasing those emails back and forth from your many volunteers. And, you end up with a spreadsheet, already prepared for you, with all the key information you need about your volunteers.

Here’s how it works. Go to: http://www.volunteerlocal.com/

  1. Click “Sign Up”. (When you sign up for VolunteerLocal, your first event is created at the same time. If you don’t have your event, job, or shift information ready, simply make stuff up. You can change it all later.)
  2. Then, list each type of job you need done on a separate line. For example: Registration Table, Role Model, Parent’s Room, Snacks & Beverages, etc.
  3. Now you can add shifts for each job, including how many you need per shift. (For example, the 15 Role Models are needed between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The Registration Table needs 4 volunteers between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.) Make sure you add shifts for each job. And you can add multiple shifts for each job if that is what your event needs.
  4. At this point, the site will ask you to create a password, and ask if you want to sign up for one of their higher priced plans. The free plan is all you should need. To proceed, click Events/Your Events, and finish the set-up.
  5. You can add Event Details and Job Descriptions, and edit the automatic confirmation email your volunteers will receive after signing up. You can also add what information you want about your volunteers, such as cell phone number, shirt size (if you are giving away t-shirts), and type of engineer.
  6. When you’re done, you click to go live. They give you a URL that you can send out to potential volunteers, asking them to sign up for a shift.
  7. As volunteers sign up, you can go back to VolunteerLocal, click on Volunteers/Report, to see how many volunteers have signed up. You can export an Excel spreadsheet so that you have all the volunteer information you need in one place.
  8. Need more information? YouTube tutorials are available here.

Give VolunteerLocal a try for your next large event!

SWE Outreach Goals and Links

The SWE Board of Directors has two Outreach goals on their scorecard this fiscal year.

  • SWENext Goal: 2500 students (18 years and younger) signed up
  • Currently at 2509 students – We’ve met our goal!

Please continue distributing the SWENext flyer at your Outreach events. You can learn more about SWENext at swenext.swe.org.

  • Outreach Metric Tool Goal: 750 entries.
  • Currently at 420 entries (56% of goal).

Have you run a K-12 STEM Outreach event this fiscal year? Or participated in a STEM Outreach event? Have you entered the event into the Outreach Metric Tool?

Report your Outreach here. It’s quick and easy to do. Thanks!

If you ever have any questions about Outreach, please contact us at randyfreedman@swe.org. Or, join the SWE Outreach Incubator Facebook group.

Thanks for the Outreach you do!

See you next month!

Mary T. Zeis

SWE Outreach Committee – Chair



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