St. Patrick – The Patron Saint of Engineering

Did you know that St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Engineering.
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Society of Women Engineers, Saint Patrick the patron saint of engineeringWho knew!? We have to admit it was a surprise to us here at HQ. Thanks to our fellow Engineers at Engineering Humor and their awesome Tweet we came across this morning, we are officially up to date and “in the know”.

Each year when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, especially in SWE HQ’s City of Chicago, only a few things come to mind: the river is going to turn green, we’re going to see everyone dressed in green, and the Irish Pubs are going to be VERY busy. But! From now on, as engineers, we can start sharing this story and we can only hope 😉 that it will become everyone’s first thought: St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Engineering.

“Although many are familiar with the tale of St Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland, it is also claimed that he was instrumental in the initial construction of Irish clay churches in the 5th century A.D. St Patrick has also been credited with teaching the Irish to build arches of lime mortar instead of dry masonry. It was these achievements that led to him becoming the patron saint of engineers.” Source: Engineers Journal.

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