GLOBALFOUNDRIES Utilizing SWE to Create High Impact Events

After the success of using the WE15 webinar, we are excited to sponsor this year's SWE Online Event "Success Redefined, Find Your Best Life."
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In our GLOBALFOUNDRIES Women’s Initiative “GLOBALWOMEN,” we have striven over the past 15 months to create monthly high impact “lunch and learn” events at our Malta, NY site. We have been extremely successful hosting events such as “Speed Mentoring,” “There is no SOP for Life, We’re All Running Experiments,” “The Imposter Syndrome,” “A Day in the Life--Career Opportunities at GLOBALFOUNDRIES,” developing much of the content in house.

At first I thought it would be extremely difficult to keep up with this cadence with a volunteer organization in the fast paced semiconductor industry, but new opportunities arise around every corner and each member of our team is eager to launch a new idea. SWE has been an instrumental resource for our team. In one of our recent events we shaped an hour-long lunch & learn around a We15 Mega Session Replay “Portraying Courage and Confidence--Even when you Feel Neither.” For our group, it is important to not only stay within the 12-1pm lunch hour to leave and get to important meetings, but also to build in valued discussion and networking time. We were able to pick and choose the sections of recorded content most relevant for our team and build in more time for prompted small group discussion. Utilizing the SWE webinar was a great way to deliver a low cost, low effort but high impact event for our team.

With the event framework built other members of our US team were able to easily launch at another site within GLOBALFOUNDRIES. This event among others attracted both male and female senior leadership team members to actively participate and engage in discussion. The session sparked conversation and focus on personal development even after the hour ended. We have also created lunch and learn’s based on SWE annual and regional conference presentations that our own members submitted abstracts for. The workshops offer a sneak peek for our members ahead of the conference as well as a great prep and feedback session for our presenters.

After the success of using the We15 webinar, we are excited to sponsor this year’s SWE Online Event “Success Redefined, Find Your Best Life.” We are hosting viewing and discussion rooms across our US sites as a GLOBALWOMEN team and anticipate our members will leave with new knowledge and skills from this event.

By Andie Maret